WTS : Custom Shadaloo stick + FREE Mortal Kombat

Yup, i’ll get my greedy hands on some MK’s a couple of days before launch and thought it would be a nice incentive to bundle one of my sticks with a free (full-retail) version of MK (PS3 or 360).
The stick is featured on my site but to give SRK’rs a bit of an edge i offer the option to use custom artwork or any upgrade beyond the standard setup:

  • Limited to 20 custom sticks. They will be individually numbered.
  • The stick is build Triple modded (360/PS3/PC)
  • Build in an Oak casing (oiled)
  • 6MP concept-art of the ‘Living forrest’ (can be changed)
  • Sanwa buttons.
  • Sanwa JLF stick
  • Plexi bottom
  • Plexi dustwasher
  • Aluminum feet
  • Any button layout
  • Choice between PS3 & 360 version of game
    I plan on shipping a couple of days before the launchdate of MK to have it arrive near the launchdate.
    Here is a mockup of the stick. Actual pictures of the sticks will be posted this weekend because i’ll start producing due to a large part of the bundles already being sold.

The price of the bundle (stick + game) is 239 Euro which is around $336 US. Shipping to US is an extra $43.
Sry for the expensive euro :wink: