WTS: Custom Stick Art Design


[COLOR=White]Note for new clients:
Due to starting a new quarter [/COLOR]of college, I will be accepting fewer clients. In order to decrease the amount of art requests as well as improve my working response time, I have raised the price so that users are required to be more sure before asking for the services I provide. There are many users on SRK that are willing to provide a similar service for free, so it would be a good idea to check with them before settling here.

[COLOR=White][COLOR=Navy]**[COLOR=Red][COLOR=YellowGreen]Turn Around Time: 4 Days
Average Completion Time: 8 Hours
Queue: 1[/COLOR]
I am currently offering cabinet art design services for the more common arcade sticks available (Common Hori’s, Madcatz SE and TE). Services will be available for only a few at a time.

[COLOR=White]Requests should contain the following:
[/COLOR][/COLOR]1. Art Samples Supplied or Requested.
2. Cabinet Layout Specified.
3. Design Direction[/COLOR]

Before I work on any project, I will need to confirm that the artwork is given or available in high resolution. These layouts are 300 DPI and will require high quality artwork; neither you nor I will be happy if the templates come out fuzzy/pixelated. If you must use a low res image, that is at your own discretion.

Services Included:

  1. (Up to) Two Sample Templates and a Final Result

Each client is entitled up to two samples of the finished artwork, and a final edit in order to give their own opinions and correct anything they don’t like. Work in Progress does not count as a template – your input does. Not only does this improve the quality of my product, but it also allows you to have a firm grasp on the outcome. Three shots to make your image perfect!

  1. A Finished 300 DPI Image

300 DPI is very high resolution on a slightly small canvas. This looks beautiful on arcade sticks and nothing less should be expected.

Make sure you entitle yourself to the right to have your art done correctly the FIRST time. Payment is required before work begins, so be confident. If you are really on the ball, it’s possible this service isn’t for you.

**Layout Editing: **$10
Custom Design: $16

Paypal only: Souloni@gmail.com
Do not pay until you consult with me.

Issues regarding services must be made before any work is done, or by my own discretion. Payment is made to compensate for labor. Do your best to get permission to use provided art.

My Personal Custom SE:



Zombie CPT finished!*


MLK’s design Finished!


etownnipples WIP for Lazeeya Custom.


Anonymous Request: Color Konan Swimsuit Image and add to template.


I’d love to make use of your service, but as a new poster I actually need 5 posts before I can PM someone :rofl:


What exactly is a 300 DPI image? Is it another format like a png or a psd?

I have someone else working on art for me but if that doesn’t work out I guess I’ll go here. How much time would it take you to finish a template?


300dpi(dots per inch) has to do with the resolution of the image itself. Anything lower than 200dpi is considered unprintable because it would look like shit.


Missed the prices when I read your post the first time because of the funky colors you used on your post.


Ah, sorry about the color scheme! My background is blue so it works. I’ll change the format later. Also if you are interested and cannot PM me send me an e-mail. Turn around for a sample or your first template is about 1 week. I can work on one additional project as of now. Thanks!


do you have any website with your work?

i’d like to see some more of your stuff before i’d consider this service.




I need to check the prices at Kinkos before I decide to laminate and ship the art out, but ~$15 should be more than enough to cover printing/laminating (and potentially a bit of the shipping cost I hope!). I can only imagine that these templates will be very difficult to ship (they cannot be creased or crimped under any circumstances!) so shipping might be a cost that is far too high for people to handle.

As far as more samples are concerned – I will update this page with some misc designs I have been working on (unrelated to cabinet templates). I opened this thread early in order to gauge the demand, and without samples I figured the demand would be a trickle – this isn’t the case however… It seems like my post has been caught unprepared, so I will be updating this thread as much as possible within the next few weeks until I can build credit.

I also wanted to just thank everyone who has sent me an e-mail or a PM within the past couple of days showing such interest in this service.


would you be able to do a gloss black template for my HRAP1 ? if so id like it completely gloss black with the original text on the stick in bright white ? is this pos , i want the stick to look original but in black and white

heres what my stick looks like at the mo


i think the right template is here

but its missing the playstation logo in the top left corner and the real arcade pro and hori writing on the bottom



I think I get it but when I go into Paint(…) and go Image/Attributes, it says something like 91 x 91 dots per inch. Is the 300 dpi supposed to be the product of those 2 numbers because then my image (which is going to be on my stick, btw) is 8281 DPI… Or is it really REALLY low because you only count one of those numbers (in other words, the good DPI is 300 and the one I have is 91).


It’s a somewhat simple concept to understand.

DPI = Dots Per Inch
PPI = Pixels Per Inch

When a printer wants to print a high resolution image (300 DPI) it needs an image that is capable of supplying 300 PPI. If you give a printer anything less to print out, it will be jagged, blurry and overall pixelated because the image needs to be stretched in order to fill up 300 pixels instead of the standard amount.

A typical picture is 72PPI, and thus a canvas is multiplied by this number.

Example Below:
(8" x 5") A canvas is normally ((8x72) x (5x72)) or 576x360 pixels in this case.

This means that your picture would take up 92 pixels x 92 pixels, a reasonable size depending on what it is. Pretend now that you like how much space this image takes up. It is perfectly sized for your layout! However, 72 PPI is not high enough quality for printing photo quality images.

Enhance it to 300 PPI and you have a canvas that is 2400 x 1500. Now your image is tiny in comparison! In order to take up the same amount of space… You guessed it! You need to blow up the 92x92 image to a relative scale! In this case it’d have to be 76% bigger, or 162x162. Where in the world are these other 70 pixels coming from?! They sure as heck don’t look good, and they definitely won’t belong.

Hope this helps. Google helps too :smiley:


This is my 5th post, so sending you a pm now.


Alright, thanks for that.

I think I was a little confused because Paint doesn’t show what the dpi is or other things.


can u post some pictures?


if i sent you a picture of some of my pets could you make me some artwork for an etac stick ?


a 72 dpi image is standard for items you see for the web. 300 dpi is for anythign printed. Pretty much

a canvas of 300x300 in 72dpi will be smaller then 300x300 300dpi.


If you want a stick with the images of your pets, that’s absolutely fine. If it’s simple all I charge is $5. If it’s customized then it will be $10.


SouLoNi is done with the art for my stick now, and I’m happy with it. Some more feedback for and on him:

The communication with SouLoNi was great, he is a really nice guy and open for ideas, while also coming up with a lot of nice ideas a lot himself. He also replied very swiftly to anything I’d write him.
The speed at which it was made wasn’t too bad either :wgrin: Also, every time he added something he would send a pm with another sample to keep his customer up to date on how it is going.

I’m also getting the finished result in .PSD, which is also nice in case I’d want to edit something just a little bit afterall :tup:


Do you draw these yourself?