WTS: Custom Stick Art to Order

How it works

  • Tell me what you’d like to see on the top of your stick. (or any other art need)

-Tell me the dimensions of the top panel (button layout also).

  • i’ll find images (or you can send them too me which cuts down on the time it takes me and therefore costs you less).

-shooping will occur.

-i’ll send you the .PSD (in your specified dimensions at 300dpi ready for printing), source images, PNG/JPEG (if one doesn’t have photoshop) of finished art via rapidshare or something similar.

-send payment when art is received and you are happy with the art.

-if you’re not happy with something i’ll be glad to work on it until you’re satisfied.


  • $10.00 a piece unless its ridiculous.

-no shipping charges (obviously)

-Let me know if you think this is unfair.


lots of brush work

similar style, but far less complex.

A simple piece taking less than an hour


Not stick art, but related.


other useful info

  • delivery should be within the next day (probably sooner depending on complexity)

-art can be as simple or complex as you want.

-willing to do stick art, logos, shirt designs and anything else you may need (any resolution).

-bacon is a viable substitute for US currency.

That’s some awesome work, dude! :smile:

I don’t know if this is going to work. At lot of kickass artists do stick arts for free in IMM so charging 10$ an hour? I would highly suggest a price per finished art, not for something arbitrary like time spent on it.

The price isn’t unreasonable, however I do suggest making a baseline, IE charge $10-$20 total or something if need be, and only charge more if its a ridiculous request.

If I were to say I would charge per hour on sticks, the sticks would be 600 dollars each, and no one would buy them. Also its impossible to prove hourly work.

Also its unlikely that you will turn a profit, you may make a few bucks here and there, but as Valaris mentioned, free > paid, most people will not care that you worked hard or etc, they just want it done. Its a novel idea, but from experience, when I did the custom panels for people, for 35 bucks which included custom plexi/lexan cut, and the artwork, its was so painstaking and time consuming, it wasn’t worth for me. Wish you luck though ;).

Anyhow just a suggestion :wink:

I opened a similar shop in the Image Mishmash section, got no responses. Good luck though. px1x1 you can comment on it lol.


I’d be interested to see how you can change a small 72dpi image to a 300dpi image that’ll fit the majority of the stick.

alrighty, i switched it to $10 flat. it may not make me any money, but it’s worth a try. i’m just hoping it gives me a bit of cash for stick building supplies so i can get some boxes done after i settle in to my new house. I’m hoping the idea that people can print it, test it, make changes and the like until they’re absolutely happy will be worth a few bucks to some people. that or it gave me something to do at 3:00 AM :smile:

could you do art for the side of an arcade machine ?

what are the dimensions?

I’m interested to your custom artwork papar. I need 9" X 11 inch permium photo paper. I would like see to your own art. I need more pics if i like it then I pay you.

hey, is it possible to make custom artwork for a hrap 2 or the street fighter anniversary stick?

so you need a 9x11 inch piece of art?

i’m not sure about the HRAP, i don’t have the layout. i know the SF anniversary stick is just a big box so it shouldn’t be hard to do.

edit: i found the hori Wii fighting stick layout. Anyone know if its the same as the HRAP?

edit 2: i found the SF anniversary template (thanks to Mikhal and Shoo). and the T5 stick (Cameron) which looks a lot like the HRAP. will try to confirm.

edit 3: i got the HRAP panel (thanks eggy) so i should be able to do it for whichever stick(s) you want.

$10 is pretty reasonable, once I get my operation back to full power.

I will first test you with something, than I just may use you :), see if I can throw some business your way.

i would appreciate it :wgrin:

can u do a vinyl sticker or w/e. something to put on a hrap3.

wait. nvm. i forgot u just email the stuff out.

no problem. If you want me to design it let me know.

**decided to start making some pre made art while waiting for orders. I really like this Akuma piece. it forms around the button layout nicely and i got to learn a few new techniques while producing it. The art really pops off the page and i think it would look nice with the orange sanwas. **

$10 if anybody is interested.

There is some custom art I want done… however, it is EXTREMELY complicated, and I imagine that the art will need to be REDRAWN in order to do it… I’m not sure if shooping will cover it, especially since there are two dragons in the picture, and their wings are cut off in the middle, and they will need to be redrawn.

Would you do this? Or know somebody who would?

send me a link to the picture, i’ll give it a shot

Do you have AIM I can contact you on?

This is the image I’ve been working through my head to make an image out for for about a year now, and the fact that I couldnt find any artists to redraw/vector it, is the real reason why I’ve never made stick for myself. Its from a series I have NEVER seen anyone else do, and I dont really want others to see it and get their own ideas until my stick is done.