WTS: Custom Stick Art


Alright, yo. There’s some competition here, but I figured I’d offer my services here anyway.

I’m a photoshop nerd. I know my way pretty decently around the product, and I’ve always been a bit of an artfuck.

So this makes the next part a bit easier to explain, with this out of the way.

As my interests expand, so do things I apply my trade to. I’ve been modding sticks for a little while now, and one of the biggest factors in the ‘WOW’ of a stick is striking art, be it overly complex or using the KISS method. It takes a certain eye to make this sort of thing, and I’d like to take the complexity behind stick art design out of your hands, so you can worry about playing and still wind up with a completely unique product.

My costs:
Working with a Template: $10 (you provide it, if you have a typical stick (HRAP, Madkatz, etc this is easy.)
Creating a template*: $10
Creating a template with custom art: $20
Creating a template, lamilabeling it, and shipping it to you: variable cost, because of shipping and multiple retries behind lamilabel… But you get the idea.

I’m a paypal verified member, and I ask you be the same.

Typical turnaround will be 3-4 days, or more depending on if you’re not satisfied with some of the prototypes I send you. Communication is a plus, so my AIM address will always be available for you to hit up and see the progress I’ve made.

Providing a stock image is a huge plus, even if I have to render it out of it’s background it’s a lot less for me to worry about. High resolution images are significantly easier for me to work with, and allows me to work quicker and with prettier results.

If all these terms and conditions haven’t scared you off, then feel free to reply here with some contact information and we’ll discuss getting you an ideal piece of stickart for your shiny new toy.



The poor cutting job on the second one really isn’t a fault of my art… Still pleased with the look, though. :sweat:


  1. colinisgood - base art done, awesome being applied

Finished Customer’s Art:




Count me in. I like you’ve shown so far and I like to support SRK artists/builders.


Get at me on AIM and we can talk terms.


No offense to you, and this isn’t directly targeting you because I know there are other people doing this too.

What’s with everyone trying to sell stick art now? This is about as lame as it can get. The art is most likely not even your own work and plus people on the image mishmash forums did this kind of stuff for free a few years ago. If people offered donations we’d be happy but we’d never charge.

I can’t help but to be a little upset that the community isn’t helping each other out in a time of economic crisis. Everyone is riding on that SF4 hype train, charging and milking as much money as possible off of it.

Edit: There are some threads in the imagemish mash sub forum and people are still doing work there for free.



Let me put it this way:

I’m an artist for a living in multiple ways. I write, I paint, I 'shop.

There’s a market for my type of work, and I want to capitalize on it.


While I agree with you to an extent, as a web/graphic designer by profession, a really well designed piece of work can take several hours to put together. You also have to realize that printing and doing anything else also takes time and patience. I agree that it’s not fair to charge another user if all you’re really doing is popping a character on a random background and calling it your own template, but when someone melds together a figure with design to create a work of art, that is what big companies pay designers big money for. I think that it’s perfectly reasonable to say that many of the artists on here put a lot of work into what they do and they aren’t charging near what a design company would.

Well with that out of the way, I think your work is really good raeli, keep it up! I especially like that Yoko stick you did!


Thanks. And yeah, exactly. I’m not a charity. I’d like to think 6-7 hours worth of work is at least worth a mandatory donation of 10 bucks. I’m not exactly copypasting renders onto stuff and calling it my creation… A lot of thought, trial and error, cigarettes and frustration goes into these pieces of art.


I agree with Kojiro. My brother is a Chicago-based graphic designer of 10+ years and charges $30-50 per hour for his work. Decent graphic design is not easy to come by.


Just saw this.

Not even going to say anything about you being a douche in my thread. This is all I actually have to say:



You mean like BigWorm’s “The Official Stick Art Request Thread?” Check the first post. It’s a mandatory $10 like raeli here. Don’t really see the big deal.

I’d get you to do a piece for me raeli, but I’m on a budget and I’ve spent too much on sticks in the past month. I’m just working with my basic PS knowledge at the moment. Anyways, good luck.


You should watermark that picture with your name, otherwise someone might be creating a template with it and charging money.


Funny, you pay for a FREE forum (you’re prem, after all) and you bitch about an ARTIST charging (a nominal fee, too. i mean honestly, $10 is like… a pack of cigarettes, or 2 little caesers pizzas. not counting the million paypal fees) for doing a service that others might not be able to do.

edit: I don’t know why I’m letting myself get baited. Whatever, not arguing with him anymore. I’m still open for two more slots, you can have your art by this time next week if you get on this.


To be honest, the $10 is there so people who are serious about their requests are separated from the beggars out there. If it was free he’d have like 15 people making requests, 9 of which may never even print the crap. They just want a picture made. Waste of time.

Someone willing to pay for a template is most likely going to ensure it’s for a purpose.


Yeah Glory, you should leave Raeli alone. If somebody wants to pay for well-designed art, so be it. The market decides. Your joke was funny though. :stuck_out_tongue:


i agree with what gl0ry is saying… although i have yet to seen more of your work so i can not say this about you. but somebody who sells art they photoshop for 2 hours is not worthy of being sold. hell i had a Vegetto make me some stick art that was 90% custom made and he didnt charge me for it.(i offered after things were complete) and he is the only person who has impressed me with stick art…

also isnt it illegal to sell a rehash of a capcom character on stick art?(well any copy-write or trademarked images…) you dont want to get srk in trouble after all… do you?


I don’t see the problem, after all no one is forcing anybody to pay for a service they don’t want to use.


I thought this shit has always been a gray area… and by gray I mean yes - illegal. (Edit - With intention of monetary profit)
Unless you set it up in a way like dumbass Deviant Art (where 99/100 pictures are furries) and just sell access to custom made shit itself.



I consider myself a decent photoshopper and can easily blow a day on making stick art. Stop hating on the guy for trying to contribute. Not everyone likes working for free.


It’s a ‘mandatory 10 dollar minimum donation’. If they don’t want to donate more, than they don’t have to.

Even then I’m not sure Capcom would sue me. Why don’t you get on Souloni who is doing the same thing, and leave me alone? Thanks.


I think you could argue that you’re not paying for the art itself, but paying for the ‘artist’'s (and I use that term loosely because it’s photoshop) time.

I donated $20 to Andy0ne who did a vega template for me - he went through a bunch of revisions because he’d show me something I didn’t like and I figured all that back and forth + service and time was worth something.