WTS: Custom Stick [ Interested Check ]

I will be making a black joystick. With a blue bubbletop JLF, and blue clear seimitsu plunger with black rims. Custom artwork if wanted or I can just put on the layout I made and you can choose to change it on your own. Will include bonus leds on the bottom of the case.

I’m looking to get into fighting games, and I would certainly be interested in looking this stick, any idea on a price range?

Not really sure yet. But custom sticks are pricey >_< Unless it’s blank.

How about pictures?

Well right now, I’m painting the case, I’ll put up the pictures as soon as I finish. I was just checking who would be interested.

I will provide a default artwork that I will photoshop and one that the buyer requests?

Case half done. Pics be up soon.

Finally finished… >_>

Need to do the PCB now… O_O

that looks sweet!!