WTS: Custom Stick (Norris Case, ASCII optical, PS360 PCB)


  • Norris Arcade Case, one of their original premium hardwood kits, with a multiple-layer canuba wax finish ($175 new)
  • Thick plexi top and bottom covers, rubber stopper feet
  • ASCII Optical Stick (basically Sanwa Flash clone) ($60+ on ebay)
  • Sanwa buttons on face, seimitsu buttons on front (start, select, home/guide) ($25+ new)
  • PS360 PCB ($50 new)
  • 10 foot USB cord

Bought separately all this would cost over $300!

In great shape. There’s a very slight ding in the lower right side (just in the wax finish, the wood is fine). The underside of the wood mounting has some visible holes from the previous PCB setup (these are visible in the pic). They do not go all the way through the wood.


Stick has been sold.