WTS custom stick (Voltech Case) *Price drop*

Have too many sticks (including two voltechs), and have more on the way, so I’m putting this up for sale.

I’m asking for just the less than the parts cost basically, plus, you’ll get a JLF ‘tweaking pack’ which includes:
JLF Octogate
4 cherry switches already wired up, ready to be dropped in
LS-33 Spring

Imperfections I’d like to point out:
The top edge of the plexi has a ‘serrated’ cut, you can see this in the picture. It came like this, and it didn’t bother me enough to get it replaced.
Small nicks on the bottom area of the case. You can see them in the pics.
Scratch on the shaft of the JLF






price drop

$165 + shipping

Also willing to set it up with a Seimitsu LS-40 stick & Seimitsu buttons. Price is the same, but you won’t get the JLF tweaks.