WTS: Custom sticks, consoles, adapters, and MORE!

I am moving soon and am trying to clear out as much of my stuff as possible, I may add more stuff as time goes by so check back!

Playstation 2 console+5 games+multitap+1 ps1controller+1dualshock2
games are:

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
Silent Hill 2
Final Fantasy X-2
Inuyasha: Feudal Combat

Asking: 70$ shipped

Original Xbox Console+Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
no controllers

Asking: 45$ shipped

2 custom happ joysticks built by me, wired with ps1 pcb.
these are used so there are some scratches and dings in the finish but overall still look good and perform great, Happ competition sticks, competition buttons

Asking: 60$ shipped each

I have multiple types of adapters for using ps1/2 controllers on Xbox.

(I have 2 of these)

(this one will convert a ps1/2 controller to work on xbox, GC, or Wii)

Asking: 10$ shipped each

(2) ps1/2 to PC USB controller adapters.

Asking: 10$ shipped each

I also have a LG Rumor 2 phone for sprint (I no longer use sprint)
this is used so it does have some scratches etc on the case.
charger not included (uses mini USB)

Asking: 50$ shipped

Wacom Intuos3 4x6 tablet.
I bought this brand new 4-5 months ago, so far I have only used it a handful of times
it is in PRISTINE condition, works for Mac&PC

Asking: 140$ shipped

All items fully tested and working.

Will ship to the US and Canada, prefer Paypal but can possibly work out other payment methods, for multiple purchases can combine shipping.

Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Stick. Works on xbox & ps2
Completely stock/unmodded, used but in EXCELLENT condition.

Asking: 80$ shipped

pm sent

I would kill for one of those HAPP sticks but i’m broke right now. Do you do trades?

raweriio: replied to pm

Atlaus: Currently not looking for trades

can u break the street fighter annaversary edition alone

I’ll get the anniversary edition for 360.

sswizzbbeatss, possibly…which version of AE were you interested in??

Hi5ive …it is for original xbox, not 360.

Added AE stick

To everyone that tried to PM me: sorry my pm box was full! It is cleared out now, please resend!

price drop

dont want to be a pain in the rear.But could you take a picture of the inside of the Happ sticks.i want to put the PCB from My Se Stick inside that happ case