WTS: Custom sticks, Supergun parts (jamma harness, Usb decoders)


Just doing some house cleaning, have a few too many sticks. Looking to get rid of some other items I will list later.

Jamma+ harness - $25
Undamned USB decoders x 2- $30
Happ power supply - $35

Sanwa buttons + Jlf
has a RJ45 jack for legacy support. I will send with USB cable for pc/ps3/360/ps4 support.

$120 + 15 shipping

Painted recently from black to blue, modded top panel to fit standard jlf sticks.

The Price Check Thread



Price drop


what did the price for the VS stick drop to?


210 from 230 from 250 lol


Also dropped price on T5 rehab, from 160.


Where did you get those ryu side panels ?


They were Custom Made, The Gentleman Is No Longer Doing Business though.




Update, price drop :slight_smile:


Anyway I can trade you for this? Or Trade + Cash?

Stuff I’ve got:
[WTT: Lots of sticks / parts / & misc’s added | WTB: MAS and Diamond VLX arcadesticks