WTS : Custom Street Fighter Figurines, Accepting Commissions


I create custom figurines for sale using blank Munny figures from Kid Robot. Here are some of them.

More gallery shots can be found here.

Since there were some coloring flaws, Necro can go to a good home for 75 dollars plus 5 S&H. Juri is a mock-up I’m using a show piece, but if someone were to want her, I could probably ship her out for a little less.

Also, I’m currently accepting commissions for pieces. If you’re interested in commissioning your own custom figurine, feel free to send me a message or email with your query, and we’ll talk orders. Once I have enough orders in, I’ll shut off commissions until such a time as I’ve caught up. Each piece is hand made using mixed media - blank vinyl figures, Sculpey, Acrylics, felt tip markers/paint markers. No two pieces are the same. My base asking price for these pieces is 100, with a 25 dollar deposit on all commission requests. I collect full payment only after completion of your order; once we’ve laid out the details of what you’d like, you are only required to pay the 25 dollar deposit. This deposit covers materials and is refundable within 7 days of placing your order with me. All payment is accepted via PayPal.

I accept requests from all areas of pop culture - comics, manga, anime, video games, etc. Obviously, my personal favorites are the Street Fighter figurines, but I’m open to any and all requests. Keep in mind that some characters or ideas may not translate well into the format or with my style; if I honestly don’t believe I can do your idea justice, I’ll let you know.

If interested, feel free to message me here or email me at darryh@gmail.com.



I’m not sure man, but I think you might need capcoms permission in order to make money off of these otherwise you’re not supposed to sell them here


These are not reproductions, which is where I think the issues you have in mind would arise.


Thats usually how it works, plushie threads got closed down if I remember right too. No offense to Dizz ofc but this will probably be taken down :confused:

Edit: Up to the mods though ofc




I want a Blanka bong. If I provided one could you possibly Blanka it up.


Isn’t there also something known as the artists right? As in an Artist has the right to parody even if it is an IP.


Glass or plastic? I’m pretty sure I could do something with glass.

It’s basically an issue on whether or not something is a pure reproduction or not. If Capcom had a line of toys that were extremely similar to these, then there might be issues, and even then only if the art style matched up.


Bumped to add in Juri.


It would be glass, I’m swamped until the end of august, if you are still around I will get a hold of you :slight_smile:


Yeah, just shoot me a message then.