WTS: custom TE/SE/HRAP/FS3/T5 control panels


hi im doing custom metal plates for the te,se, and hori such as 6 buttons 7 or 8 and if you like to move the joystick holes further from the buttons i can do that or change the curve buttons lay out to a straight
also doing any other metal/wood projects such as emblems and digital etching i have access to a high powered 3 axis and a 5 axis laser im cutting all flats on a 6 x 12 foot bed for custom metal plates for the te and hori ill be pricing them around 30-35 due to laser and labor im also doing mounting plates and spot welding included with a burr less edge and nice polish

currently have a universal mounting plate which will fit all american/euro/jap/korean sticks
Also do cabinets if prints and cad is supplied or if u like us to design one it will cost extra
if intrested please goto this thread for info

or pm khmderdroopy

dont pm me cause im not longer apart of this project

if intrested in plexi/acrylic and graphic work please goto art hong which i highly recommend
for it because he has done work on my te and i love it
heres his thread


thanks for your time

aluminum plates 25$ + shipping
stainless steel 30$+ shipping ( if you buy alot we can work a deal )
Se bottom plexi 15$ + shipping
if u want us to add the mounting plate it will be extra 5$
if u want a plate done for any stick we dont have. just mail in your plate n we will give u an extra one for free it must be worth the time.

stainless steel hard and corrosion free
which can be made out of aluminum too

te plate





sega saturn virtual stick

t5.hraps plate

Se button plexi








aluminum universal plate also availible in stainless steel
worsk with seimitsu ls 32 flat mounting plate.
sanwa. happ il. competition and crown/fanta sticks


for more pictures go to

Dude, I’m all about having a box made. Now you can only cut THROUGH the material correct? As in you can’t do relief cuts?

coool, Im going to be emailing you soon

awesome, sent you an e-mail

I wish you luck in your sales so I went through your post and tried to clean up the horrible english. No need to thank me.

Do you have frosted plexiglass?

And can you countersink holes for screws?

I’ve got a Hori Fighting Stick Wii coming in the mail and will be interested in replacing the top/bottom plates (new button layout for top plate and emblem cutting for the bottom) and getting a frosted plexi bottom plate just as soon as I actually get my hands on it. Hopefully you won’t be flooded with orders by then :looney:

Certain materials are supplied prices vary due to size and thickness we can do relief cuts and yes we can do frosted plexi if u if u supply material and dimensions we will only charge very lil for labor n shipping we can digititze images and etch amd engrave if u like just send us like a example image of what u want a ruff sketch and drawing would be nice like i said if you jave a blue print or cad would help even more less work we do the more u save but i will try my hardest to give u a great deal since i kno how rough it is now and days

truckasaurus soon as i get the outer and inner dimensions for the astro panel i can make it happen asap theres three of us doing this project but only 1 answering questions

Hbreaks can also answer a few if u need us to work on some cad or have a blue print
Email it to khmerdroopy@msn.com we will keep privacy on what it is

We work in the protype field and works been slow but for the bigger projects u give us
We can give u a estimate on time
Like i said before we will try to give u a fair price 1st cuts cost more than 2nd
But if it small most likely just throw a second or third in for free ill have more pics up soon

Thanks agian


Frosted plexi i would have to check on prices or run to home depot or order it from a supplier

Research fee will be extra $10 if we dont have dimensions
Labor depending on how big the project is may vary but like if its very little probably cut that price off

Digitizing photos and images will take some time
Moslty 3 days- a week that mortal kombat emblem only took a few hours

For hardcore projects we will have to send sample and need u tell us whats needed or like to add

If blueprint or cad is supplied we do quality checks by hand and use a cmm

More sample pics will be up soon origami and joystick mounts,panels,and boxes

what are you size constraints? How big and thick can material be?

Nice so you guys can etch as well? How complicated/simple does the image need to be?

Cool Cool, I all your e-mails and sent a reply. I can send the single joystick panel out monday, but I might need some time taking out the buttons/joystick out of the astro city dual panel and finding a box for it to fit in

Wouldn’t you still have to spot-weld the joystick mounting plate?

I’m too lazy too unscrew and open up my astro city but by the looks of this picture I don’t think it’s necessary, I might be mistaken though


I’ll open up my astro city and check myself later tonight

Size restraints well cant build u a tank (sorry steve) material thickness hightest in metal will be half inch unless
material is paid for on heavy duty stuff… wood theres no limit only to what i can find plexi is the same but size wise im cuttin on a 6 x 12 feet 3axis bed we can do welding and other stuff

As etching goes my partner need to get wit me on how good he is which i dobt doubt he been doing it for almost 20 years

that doesn’t look right to me. how do the plates mount? mine are spot-welded…

the astro city is spot welded. we could prolly spot weld it as well. im not that great but how hard can it be with a mig welder that i have .

Yup, I was wrong as always. Looks like brackets ate spot welded onto the panel, and then a funny looking mounting bracket is screwed into place, I got off my lazy ass and took pictures of the inside of my astro city

Spot welded brackets I’m guessing




Funny looking mounting plate, it’s not flat like I’m used to



Hope that helps

thats a seimitsu mounting plate i can do that for the stick or i can do a universal one welded on there and bent up

well etching gotten lil easier due to scanning and photo shop working with alot cad programs now just have to add points and digitize its like connect the dots but telling which way the arrows go it can be a long process or a quick one cuz nobody likes laser burns on etching

Hi guys making a edit we will be doing metal plate for the te and hori and any joysticks out there currently researching the vewlix panel and will be doing those along with other custom works such as mounting plates and possibly a polycarbonate/lexan box soon as my team agree on what we like and i like to guarantee a low price on them and good quality along with service to fit u want