WTS: Custom wood ps1 stick

Im looking to sell or trade these items.
interested in:
Kinect for 360

This is a custom leopard-wood case made by Empty Shiki, its full of sanwa parts and has a Ps1-DS1 PCB wired up for maximum compatibility with other systems.
I also has a Joytech X360 converter and a PS2 to PS3 converter, which I could sell with the stick.

$125 shipped
($5 for PS3 converter)
(Plus $25 for Joytech X360 converter)

I can also swap the buttons out of either of these sticks and replace them with anyhting from my collection.
(white, black, dark hai, dark blue, yellow, red, green, clear blue)

I love the Bison stick! I’d buy it but I have a bison themed stick already, good luck with the sale

removed Bison Stick and lowered price on Banner

re-added Black TE, after sale didnt go thru

All prices lowered



Banner sold, price dropped on converter.
Added custom buttons options for TE and Custom Wood Stick

TE sold…

is there any way you would be willing to sell just the converters?