WTS: Custom XB360 Sanwa Stick

So yeah. This is a sweet custom by resident SRK stickmaker Koi I got last March. I recently got a Sanwa flash knockoff (ASCII) stick which I think I’m going to start using exclusively, so I won’t be needing this. I think when it was all said and done this baby cost me around $190. Condition is perfect. I would like about $160 shipped. Would consider a trade of equal or more value that I could more easily sell on ebay (hell, maybe this stick is worth that much on there, I dunno).

JLF stick with bat-top (I have a yellow balltop if you want it, lol), Square-Gate (I’ll throw in a octagonal gate too), Sanwa face buttons, Happ concave start/select/Guide buttons on side. Official XB360 PCB. Note the microphone jack in the second picture, something you usually don’t see on custom XB360 sticks. The art is non-descript (like no names/text on it or anything) so you won’t feel weird looking at someone else’s username when you play.




You needs to names a price…

This is more of an interest check than a full sale so far (as I thought I pointed out in the topic title). I was just reaching for what would be a fair price for this.

Just FYI: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=127699

Shit. Sorry about that. I coulda swore I’ve seen these interest check posts before. I’ll edit my main post.

Edit: I can no longer edit my thread topic. If a mod steps in could he (she?) do that for me?

Go to edit your original post and then “Go Advanced”. You should be able to edit it from there.

The square gate didn’t work out?! Sorry to hear that.

Good luck with the sale.


@PaRt2: I love this stick, but I love optical even more :wink:

I would be all over this if it had the Japanese layout. Good Luck with the sale.

Aww. You’re supporting the terrorists by not using our traditional layout you know :wink:

I love this, I just wish it was for the PS2 =/

People need sticks for multiple systems. 360 is going to get the new SFs and future fighting games, a 360 stick a must especially since there are no good convertors.

In reference to the stick, Koi’s work seems pretty tight. I hate the mic hole though, personally.

Good luck with the sale!

Dropped price.