WTS: Custom Xbox 360 Bundle

Sorry for the repost. Had my first experience with the Nigerian paypal scammers :sad: but glad I cought on.
Starting bid at $99!

This is a Xbox 360 I customized with over $200 worth of parts.
-Smoke Black Case
-Talismoon Whisper Max Fans with Nitro Switch
-Custom Blue Ring of Light board
-Blue Aurora Lights
-Black 20gig Hard Drive
The Whisper Max Fans are very silent and the Xbox comes with an installed Nitro Switch on the back for max cooling for those long periods of gaming.Also has two small heatsinks installed, to help lower overall temperature.

Other specs:
-Opus/Falcon motherboard
-HDMI port

The Xbox will come with:

  • Copy of Bioshock 2 (complete, mint condition)
  • Wireless adapter
  • Black wireless controller
  • Rocket Fish Headset
  • A/V component cables
  • Power adapter