WTS: Custom Xbox 360 Happ Stick

Looking to sell a custom Xbox 360 stick with Happ parts. Everything works fine and it also has a slot for a headset. The paint is chipping off in a few places but it can be fixed easily. I’d like to get around $120 shipped for it. I’ll take paypal, money order, personal check, or concealed cash for it. I’ll also meet up with you if you’re a local. I’m in the Carbondale, IL area.





Anyone want it for $110 shipped?

I am looking to get a Happ stick…I just don’t know if I could stare at Sagat in the face everyday and live with myself.

Also…what is the reason you are selling it? I have seen this stick for sale before a while ago.

Yeah I hate the Sagat art and I planned to change it out but never got around to it. The reason I want to sell it is because I still have a SF IV TE stick sealed in the box and I don’t really need two sticks for the 360.

Will take $105 shipped now.

is this stick still for sale?

if so i had some questions

  1. this stick is Competiton?
    And buttons are happ comp?


If you’d bothered to actually look at the pictures, you’d be able to tell.

Square actuator (white color) == Happ Competition stick. May even be an iL EuroStick (same as an old Competiton; Happ just distributed them in this region).

Convex buttons == Competition buttons. I know there are concaves with the same sensitivity as Competitions ('cause I prefer those, being an avid arcade-goer in the '90s and used to the concave feel), but these aren’t those.

I know it sounds like thread-crapping, but really. There’s information out there that should be enough to educate you on the types of American sticks and buttons out there.

Sorry lol 1 more question if u dont mind
How do u differentiate it from a super/ultimate stick? Thats kinda why i asked .

http://srktt.com/sfac. Just a little down the page there’s pics and an explanation of the difference between the happ ultimate and the competition.

Sorry didn’t see your question in here DangerousJ. I did reply to your PM but haven’t heard back from you.

I have a vision cam and xbox live, so if you’d like to see the stick I can show it to you on there and answer any questions you have about it.

How is the art applied there, a laminated sticker? It doesn’t look like a plexi there, but you never know with some cameras. And could you throw up a pic of the chipping, I’d like to see what I’d need to work with. Its about time I tried a Happ.

The art is under plexi. Here are some pics of the chipping I was talking about.


The second pic is showing the chipping that is on the right side of the stick pretty much close to where the plexi rests against the stick casing. It isn’t anything major but I just wanted be upfront about it with whoever is wanting to buy the stick. When I bought the stick, there was no mention of the chipping and I thought I was getting what was pictured in the OP.

Hey Sorry for not getting back to you sooner Rawis Jericho.
Im still researching stick options and stuff; so it might be a while before i make up my mind.
Dont hold it or anything for me.
thanks for answering my questions though.
good luck with the sale.

Ok, sounds good. If you end up wanting an American style stick just let me know. :tup:

If anyone is wondering, the art would not be hard to switch out at all. I was planning to do it myself but never got around to getting some art printed off.

The stick is pending out right now. I’m just waiting to receive the payment for it.