WTS: Custom Xbox 360 MAS stick

I have a spare custom MAS arcade/fight/joystick for the xbox 360. It was built with the xbox 360 wired controller pcb and usb cord. Nice, sturdy, responsive stick with the simplicity 3 aligned straight top jab strong fierce buttons and 3 straight lower short, forward, and roundhouse button. It has a directional baseball bat stick with a nice cabinet with plexiglass/clear plastic so you can put your own custom art with ease. The wood casing is white with black splatter and it has green, blue, purple buttons. So if you’re like me and can’t play on anything other than an american cab/arcade setup this stick if perfect for you!!!

I know the mvc2 players on xbox live can attest that you CANNOT execute without a stick like this one.
Rest assure you can now confidently drop smart bombs and hit lightening attacks without missing button strikes and the simplicity of 6 buttons wont confuse or get in your way as opposed to 8 buttons…peep the pics. I am willing to ship, but I’d prefer local pickup in the socal area, prefferably Regency Arcade. Here are the pics
80 bucks takes it

sold!!! mods please close thread…