WTS: Custom Xbox 360 Stick (WILL BE AT SB:A)


Looking for $70 + shipping.


Top: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/For Sale/stickpictop.jpg
Bottom: http://i324.photobucket.com/albums/k348/ParagonGFX/For Sale/stickpicbottom.jpg


It’s a FoeHammer custom case that I bought here sometime last year, so it’s definitely gotten some use, and it shows. There’s some scuffs and marks around the edges where the paint has peeled off and whatnot from travel and use. It’s also missing one screw for the plexi on the bottom, but it doesn’t hinder it or make it any looser, it’s tight and fits just fine.

Wired with a Madcatz SE 360 PCB.
Uses a Madcatz SE Joystick, (Sanwa JLF microswitches went out, this is all that I had to drop in it for the time being.)
Has 7 Sanwa OBSF-30’s in there on the face, and 3 OBSF-20’s in the back. The top 7 once were custom painted on the rims but the paint has faded away from use to show the original black colored rims. XD
It’s wired to the “Controller B” setup in SSF4:AE, which I believe is the same as the MvC2 TE layout, not sure. The reason for this is because there was an issue with the HK going out, and I had no extra wires to re-do it with.

Selling this off because I need the money, as painful as it is to let it go. :frowning:

I accept Cash/Money Order/Paypal, (preferably the “Gift” option so there aren’t any fees, but that’s up to you)

PM or post up if interested! Appreciate you all looking. Would like to get this sold ASAP.




Bump. Again, I accept Paypal and can do cash if you’re going to be at Season’s Beatings next weekend! I’ll bring this with me just in case anybody is interested.