WTS: DC:3rd strike, DDR, PS:Zero2, Tek3(JAP) & more

Shipping is $5 no matter how much you buy. what the hell, buy it all and ill ship for free :smiley:

DDR 5th mix (jap) $15
DDR 2nd Mix (jap) $15
DDR Club Version (jap) $15
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (jap) $35
Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 (us) $5
NBA2k (us) $5
NFL2k (us) No booklet, original case. $1 (free if you buy 4 games :D)

PS ( i think these are PS1 games, but honestly not 100% sure)
Tekken 3 (jap) $10
Street Fighter Zero2 (jap) Disc in jewel case only. No booklet $10

All prices are negotiable. I live in santa cruz, commute to fremont, so i could meet you anywhere in between.

Also i do have pics, i need to get them hosted and ill post, or if you email me i can send pics. All games include cases/booklets unless noted.

is tokyo extreme racer the american version of tokyo highway battle (in japan)?

i think it might be, not sure, if it is ill take it.

if you wanna email me a pic of the case/disc thatd be cool, therealsado@yahoo.com

come on no one wants this stuff? How about that guy selling DC agetecs…trade? lol