WTS: DC ASCII Fightpad SNK Version


New Things for sale:

  • Dreamcast ASCII Fight Pad SNK Version, Barely ever been used, still has box and Character Cards - $50 Shipped

**Note If from Canada, shipping will be slightly higher, PM me first **

PS3 Logitech G27 Racing Wheel - SOLD to PR0BLEMZ
TE Sega Astro City Art - SOLD to Ghaleon
PS2 T5 Hori - SOLD to Byuusan
PS3 HRAP3 - SOLD to rilla
PSP Go - SOLD to meus


Added 360 Games to sale


PSP Go Price Drop $150 -> $120


PSPGo is going for a great price…too bad you don’t have any feedback otherwise I’d snatch it up


Dont know if i bought something from Bthai or he bought from me. But i know he is honest person. I could be wrong but anyways im pming for the pspgo.


i remember buying something from you meus. sorry, for no feedback, first time selling here


PMd for PSP


Its too bad the PSP Go hasn’t been cracked, firmware-wise yet. I’d love to mod the damn thing. What firmware is it running? If Counterhit passes, I may be interested.


Hi bthai i have sent payment for the pspgo and did want u wanted. Will pm u the address.


ok thnx meus, psp go has been sold to meus & took off Ipod for sale, decided to keep it since only person that showed interest decided not to get it


I would be interested but I have no cash right now, only gamestop credit =[


$200 for the iPod?


no thnx


added HVG2 converters for sale

price drop on zune


bump added and remove some stuff that has been sold


good luck on your sale of the itouch. I tried selling one virtually identical to the one your selling (different case) for $230 a couple of weeks ago with no luck. :sweat:


bump, added sticks for sale


How much for the PS3 HRAP3 shipped to Canada?


idk if this was right but i came back $90+USD?


So thats $110 for the stick + $90 for the shipping? Something seems off. What service is that through? You’re sure you didn’t do a price quote for overnight shipping or something?

Ungh I hate living in Canada…