WTS: DC extension cord, DC memory card & Trio Linker Converter (PS2, DC to PS3 or PC)

I am moving to college and I need to get rid of stuff ASAP for cash and just to make room. Here is what I have, prices include shipping to US.
Trio Linker Plus 2

  1. Supports PS2?, GC? and DC? controllers on PC simultaneously.
  2. Compatible with official PS2?, GC?, DC? controllers and a majority of compatible controllers.
  3. Supports Joy2key, Key Mapping and force feedback function. *
  4. Supports Plug and Play.
  5. Also supports PS2?, GC? and DC? controllers on PS3? console.

DC memory card
Its cool see-through blue. I think it has mvc2 unlocked characters. not sure

Paypal only, no holds, no out of country, first come first serve. PM me first to make sure I still have it. Everything is in working condition.


added more stuff

updated, some stuff sold

pics of PS2?

no camera, but i do have video camera.

EDIT: Remember, these were owned by one of the best mvc2 players in the world, MegamanDS. So its part of history. I will autograph them also free of charge if you like.

Added and removed sold items

extension cord sold

thanks got the dreamcast cable. good luck on your sale.