WTS - DC System+Games, Agetec


Sega Dreamcast System

  • Console w/ hookups
  • 1 controller
  • 1 Blue VMU
  • 1 Stock DC Agetec Joystick (Bought this used, in confirmed working condition, just dirty. Great for modding!)
  • 3 games!
    *1. Street Fighter III: Third Strike
  1. Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  2. Capcom vs. SNK*

Looking to sell everything for $100 shipped OBO. Might sell Agetec separately, PM me if interested


EDIT: MvC1 is no longer for sale, rest is!


bump for teh price drop…


Man this is old. but how much for just the DC?




Pic of the agetec?


Smash are u looking for DC console with controller and cables and etc b/c i have 4 dc consoles and need to sell 1. post here or pm me if thats what u looking for.


This thread lives! It’s all still for sale, pending PMs.

updated with pics…




Updated original post :tup:


How much for the agetec?