WTS Diamond 3870 X2 1GB Card 175

The card has only been used for about 4 months. It is a beast of a card just recently beat crysis warhead with it. Definately the best video card I ever owned. LMK. Card comes with box and cables.


how much is it? 175 from the title or what?

Great card, I use one myself, I have an Asus one. Aside from the top high end stuff like the GTX 260 above, or the Radeon 4k Series, your set.

Runs most games at max settings at max resolution.

*Make sure you have a crossfire enabled motherboard to take advantage of Crossfire!!!
Also crossfire is annoying as hell, heh.

Yah its 175. PC1x1 thanks for the help

damn… i thought it was the 4870 lol i need to learn to read :frowning:

also crossfire and SLI is a waste of money because the SLI and crossfire isnt efficient enough to take full advantage of both cards. they would need a like 10GB/s speed between the 2 cards to really make it worth your wild.

Actually bandwidth isn’t the problem, even a highly overclocked 4870x2 won’t have enough bandwidth to max out pcie 16x. The problem with crossfire or sli is in their architecture that its not efficient, ie not true parallel processing, each card waits for the other to render, and that the memory isn’t independent. Both cards under crossfire have to have the same memory, ie this is a one gig card, However in crossfire its really a 512mb card. It clones 512mb to each core.

Though again having one of these, I can atest you can run anything basically, except crysis on max, but then again, nothing really can either. Price is pretty good, if you like half life series, or any of the source games you can run everything at 2560x1600 with all settings 16x AA, AF, etc.


Damn, missed this opportunity.


Let me know if you want to get rid of another one.


i was talking about the crossfire and sli interface. it just isnt fast enough to be worth the time.