WTS: Doom (PC) and preorder DLC *Sold

I pre-ordered the Doom collectors edition on amazon (since it was $25 off the $120 retail if you have Prime) but it wont be delivered until Monday the 16th

I can’t wait that long so I bought the digital download also that I have already pre-loaded.

So I am selling the keys that will come with the physical copy (that you just activate on Steam) for $30 ($5 bux less than what is sold digitally).

Will have them monday Saturday the 14th… I will use Paypal so buyer is protected.

PMed you ed1371


pm’d replly to me first :slight_smile:

lol replied to all the PMS and will update post with pending status.

I’m definitely down for the box cutters, and the squirt if the sale falls through. Can you tell me more, especially price (or trade value :slight_smile: on the EVIDENT bag?

ok toodles… wanted to clarify that the box cutters are $10 for both… not separately :slight_smile:

as far as the kit… well you asked so I will upload pics on the first post. here is a link to the kit… it is everything minus the duffel bag
EVIDENT Crime Scene Products - Battlefield Forensics & Tactical Evidence Collection - Battlefield Forensics; Tactical Crime Scene Kits, Tactical Fingerprint Kit, Tactical Camera Kits, V6 Tactical Combat Forensic Kit, ALPHA/BRAVO Combat Kit, Military

Its a complete tactical evidence collection kit… I was trained in forensics under some strenuous conditions and was given this.

As far as price, I am looking for $175 or a custom stick of some sort… it has to be PS3 compatible but a dual mod would be most welcome. Pretty much open to any sort of trade so who knows.

You guys surprised the heck out of me though… lol… all the wierd stuff I am posting are generating the most interest!


How about $60 for both the ipod and the sanwa square gate?

sent you a PM… its a deal if you want them.

Pm’d u a lil while ago forgot to post here:)

Now thats what I call fast shipping. Thanks a lot.

added ram :slight_smile:

I knew BlindWithOneArm would take the Cleaning Kit.

That was ninja quick, thanks!

Glad the ipod arrived safely, word of warning to everyone that has stuff coming, I went a little overboard with the bubblewrap :slight_smile:

added stick for sale

added B15 case/stick that I put together

added modded MLG stick

added EVO DVD