WTS: Dreamcast + 2 Agetec Sticks, other stuff (updated)

Dreamcast for sale, includes the cables/AC adapter for it. Comes with two green goblin sticks. I’ll be throwing in an extra DC controller, a VMU, whatever games I have for it. I’ll update this thread when I dig up all my stuff for DC, I’m currently in the process of moving and been finding things for my DC that I forgot I had. Everything is in good condition and works, I haven’t played with the DC for well over a year but everything seemed to work fine when I booted it up for some MVC2 to test it.

Dreamcast, sticks, all the stuff I can find for the system for $60 or best offer, not including shipping.

UPDATE: N64 bundle sold…

Make me an offer, I don’t want to bring this stuff along with me when I move.

UPDATE: Due to all the drama around this thread, I will be attempting to sell locally instead. If no local buyers come up, the DC stuff will be back up for sale. Please refrain from sending me anymore PM’s for the time being, thanks.

pmed let’s get this deal goin.

ill take the dc stuff pm’d

Pending to AL the great.

Damn ducky thats some mean deals!

That’s the best deal I’ve ever seen on here.

That was ridiculously cheap. Congrats Al.

If you guys want to outbid him, go right on ahead! lol

Just trying to clean stuff out of my townhouse since I’m moving into a smaller condo, so I’ve been selling a ton of old stuff for cheap. Keep a lookout for future deals on the forums!

thanks guys. i stayed up really late for over time tonight and ive missed a few deals here lately.

Crazy deal!!!

Didn’t realize I would get so many responses.

Update for the N64:

Console, cables, AC adapter
4 controllers (yellow, atomic purple, red, grey
rumble pack
cleaning kit
carrying case
Starfox 64
Mario Kart 64
Smash Brothers
Fifa 99
WWF No Mercy
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire
A Doraemon video game? No idea why I have it or how to play it, I think it needs an adapter because it doesn’t fit in the slot correctly and it’s all in Japanese
Ocarina of Time (with two game guides for it, one by Prima and the other Versus)

Update for the DC:

Didn’t find any games that weren’t burned… but those are fairly easy to acquire if you don’t go legit…
Dreamcast, cables, AC adapter
2 green goblin sticks
1 blue VMU
1 white VMU
1 Sega DC controller

I don’t really want to part anything out, so all the DC stuff together, all the N64 together, or both together.

So far I got offered $80 for the DC stuff and $20 on the N64 stuff, not including shipping. I’m trying to get this out of my house and in the mail by Thursday or Friday. I work until Weds night so it goes to the high bidder at that point. so if you guys want to continue to make offers, send me PM’s (with zip code for shipping quote) and I’ll let it go to the high bidder by Weds, since I’m off on Thursday and can get shipping quotes on Thursday. If buyer flakes I’ll just go down to the next highest bidder. Paypal only please.

Thanks for all the interest, I’m glad to see this stuff will go to people who will use and enjoy it, since I don’t really have room for this stuff anymore.

got your pm about a guy offering 80 + shipping for dc stuff. i’ll skip this deal since it’s offers. that guy can have it for 80 + shipping no biggie.

have fun guys.

Highest bidder?

Not trying to crap on your sale but if I am interpreting the rules correctly…

I think when you say “or best offer” that means hey guys if you think this is too high then let me know what you think is fair. I don’t think you can do it e-bay style.

Someone correct me if I am wrong. Apologies if I’m totally wrong.

I’m with Strata. I’m fairly sure it’s kinda against the rules to do what you did.

I think pretty much everyone here believes that AL is entitled to this… why else do you think everyone was saying “congrats” to AL? I’d like to see what a mod has to say about this, because to me it seems like you put it up for 60 not realizing how much it was worth, and when people were telling AL what a great deal he was getting you decided to get more money.

I read over the rules and I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but I got more offers. I wouldn’t be able to ship anything until Thursday anyway, but if you guys don’t want it, then just stop throwing offers my way and I’ll just sell everything to AL.

Oh, also found Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing for the N64.

From the rules:

So basically you can’t just take offers. You can take lower offers, but once someone agrees to your listing price you can’t go jack it on them. Otherwise this place would just be a frenzy of auctions and it’d be incredibly annoying.

Well I did put a set price but someone ended up offering me more for just than the DC stuff than AL would have given for all of it… didn’t think there would be any issues with that, not like I’m trying to price gouge people or anything, I just got offered.

I’m not interested in this listing, but the rules don’t say he can’t take offers for higher than he’s listed; nor does it specify he’s got to sell to the first person to show interest.