WTS: Dreamcast $25, NES/GEN carts $15, 22" "lagless" LCD $100

Selling a used MVC3 for 360 with light wear, fully playable. Give the gift of obsolete failed broken first attempts. $20 shipped

willing to trade for L4D2 (360) or MW2 (360)

I also have a good condition Dreamcast with original cables and one pad for sale. I wanted to play thru Zombie Revenge and now it can go to a new owner. Only light scuffs on the lid that dont photograph. Pad feels great. $25 shipped

I use paypal, ship usps 1st class and US only.

Since i don’t see the old feedback, here’s an old thread where i sold a bunch of stuff. I’ve been a member since '01 and unfortunately the old pre crash feedback threads seem gone too. I have a bit of ebay feedback if that helps.


SOLD to BlindWithOneArm - (fast payment! +1)

Happ set from an mk9 stick. used once. put em in a mame box. $12 shipped.

SOLD to StealthNemesis - (fast payment! +1)

Selling like-new Official wireless Xbox 360 pad from the jasper arcade editions. I barely play any non-fighting games, so you shouldn’t feel any wear. $18 shipped

SOLD/TRADED - to f1ngers of fury (fast, nicely shipped +1)

I’m selling a used Sega Saturn lot (individual shipped prices in parenthesis). It comes with a console, Nights 3d pad, original wires, generic memory card ($40), 4 in 1 Action Replay ($20), JP XvSF ram cart ($15), and games. Games are disc only, US NTSC, and include:

Guardian Heroes ($30)
Fighters Megamix ($20)
(below $5 ea., $20 for all 8)
Fighting Vipers
Die Hard Arcade
VF Remix
Daytona USA
Crusader No Remorse
Virtua Cop

System has light scuffs on it. It is the older version with the oval buttons. It has been altered to think the disc tray is always closed and to have external av ports so you don’t need the actual saturn av cable should you lose it. Like any cart slot, the memory card one requires a bit of wiggling, but you should only need to find the spot once. There is no internal battery. Games range from like-new to good and just have some barely visible scuffs that don’t photograph. All fully playable.

I’m selling the whole lot for $90 shipped. I take paypal and ship US only. First come first serve. Open to trades. Looking for a nice Dreamcast, Splinter Cell Conviction (360), madcatz fight pads, new IL comp parts. Must have great pics or something resembling rep.


bump for price drop, parted, trades…

bump for wireless 360 pad ($18), and dreamcast ($40)

are you selling the street fighter pad as well?

heh, no that’s for a mod


360 pad sold

DC price drop

this is tempting, one of the ports on my dc soemtimes has issues reading the controller. how’s this one?

i’ve had no issues. there’re some tutorials out there for freshening up the contacts in it. it’s the old cartridge slot phenomenon.

Dreamcast price drop ($30 shipped), added nes/gen carts

added Happ set ($12), and LCD ($100)

PMed about happ set…

Payment Sent for Happ Set

happ set sold. dropped price on DC (25) and cart lot (15)