WTS: Dreamcast Agetec stick

Import Dreamcast arcade stick. I’m not entirely positive it works (not sure when the last time I turned on the DC), but it was working several years ago before I stopped using it. Initially, I was going to mod this, but decided to leave it stock and sell it as a shell for someone else to do their modding (please do and post pics).

I’d prefer cash, Socal pickup only (South Bay). $50 firm.

pics or model name?

This is exactly the model I have:

man you could get some bank for those sticks if you were willing to do shipping.
I’ve heard of the optical replica going for 100+ without the box. I have one myself, it feels great, don’t cheat yourself by sticking to local man you’ve got a rarity. two even!

Seems my other Ascii stick is a sweet deal, a lot of PMs for it. I may be parting for them cheaper than I could, but I’m not as interested in maximum cash and way more interested in getting it to a stick builder that can do it some sweet work.

I may have another for sale as well.

Is there no way you would do shipping at all? I’ve been looking for a solid dreamcast stick, I’ll pay for shipping of course.

?? If you’re referring to the stick he’s selling in this thread it’s definitely not an optical clone.

Looks like a pending sold to mothugs.

The picture I posted is the exact one I have. Imported from Japan, many hours of use with import DC titles. I didn’t know there was a different one. While I do see these pop up on eBay for higher, I’d like to get it out quick to SNK users!

Fall out on this sale, so I’m putting it back up to SRK users.

I’ll consider OBO and shipping if it’s not Socal. I don’t have Paypal setup to accept funds, but I’ve dealt with money orders plenty of times and have shipped other items through it.

pm sent

A quick bump for the weekend shoppers.

Saturday bump.

If you think about shipping it hit me up on PM.