WTS: Dreamcast Agetec - UNSOLD, PLEASE CLOSE

This was modded today (5/1/2009) with a brand new Sanwa JLF and OBSFs. The working PCB and all original parts, although not installed, are included. I had intended to wire this up for myself, but I have too many damn sticks. No adhesives were used in this mod. The JLF is bolted securely to the modified case, not glued as others have done, and the top plate button-holes were widened using a Dremel to accept the 30mm Sanwa Buttons. The case is in very good condition as you can see. I paid $52 for the case and $55 for the Sanwa parts.

$125 shipped


Price Bump

lol great agetec! buy from this guy!

Hah, thanks man!

Price bump.

Close thread. Keeping it.