WTS: Dreamcast Arcade cab *SOLD* Please close!

ok so i have ran into some money problems and am in dire need 2 sell off a few things so here is my Dreamcast Arcade cab… the cabinet is a Dynamo 25" Z-Back
and is running on a 19" hanns g computer monitor and logitech x-240 2.1 speakers
all new IL parts
x2 8way euro joystick
x12 competition buttons
and 1 player 2 player buttons

also could use a lil touch up paint wise.

asking for $300 pick up only
im located in Tracy California about 1hr driver from the bay area.

also i will throw in a binder full of dreamcast back ups for free if purchased about 30+ games

if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Couple questions: how hard would it be to put a 360 system in there or multiple systems, and is it possible to switch out that monitor?

wouldn’t be to hard at all, so long as u have hacked pads for those systems to wire up to the controls.
the monitor can be switched easily aswell, this one is attacked to a 1/2" think mdf board which can be removed and just throw on a new monitor or even a 25" arcade monitor.


So essentially u could have 3 systems hooked up at the same time? And do u have an e-mail u could send me or would u rather communicate through PMs here?

i rarely check my emails so pm’s would be best since im on here alot and as long as you have a selector (for your systems then yes u can have 3) but that would also require the controls to be tri modded 2 work with all 3 consoles.

are those official dreamcast pads?

nope the triggers on the official lag,
these are Madcatz pads


$330 for an entire cabinet?

damn i’d cop this asap if i was in your area

yup yup wish you where haha :tup:

Why are all the cool things in California… :rofl:

so uhh… next year… I’m gonna be in California for 2 weeks for a family vacation. It would be soooo cool if this was still at your house. Btw, I’m not kidding.

lol i’ll keep that in mind!:clapdos:

Only 330?
Why couldn’t I live in Cali… nothings ever in NJ. ;_;"

Is it possible to make this take quarters and have people pay each time they continue or start a new game? Also, is there a back part/cover to the cabinet or is it always open? And do u have the keys to it?

@dman: I’ve heard of such things, but I’m not sure how widely available they are. As far as I know what happens is when you put in the quarter it gives you a certain amount of play time (because the consoles aren’t designed for arcade play, there’s no way for them to tell if you lost in game so you could put more quarters in to continue). So after 10 minutes you have to put in another quarter or something.

Kinda ghetto, but what can you do. Maybe if you ran a Dreamcast disc with an emulator on it, and when a quarter gets put in it would activate whatever button adds coins to the emu. But I don’t know how well Dreamcast works with emulation. I do know there’s perfect Neo-Geo, CPS1, CPS2 and CPS3 emulators for Xbox though…

Sorry I don’t know how 2 go about doing that with a dreamcast. The coin door is just used 2 access the power strip 2 turn it on aswell as the speakers volume control. And as for the back it’s all closed up.

To Clembo: I know it’s somehow possible because back when MvC2 came out for Dreamcast a guy in L.A. had a game store he ran and an arcade cabinet with a Dreamcast inside it and it somehow took quarters to play and it wasn’t based on time. It was an actual DC system inside it somehow linked up to take quarters like a real arcade cabinet. As for the emulators, I do know what u r referring to because when I went to Mexico last summer they had a bunch of arcade cabs running MAME and also an Xbox emu with a bunch of different original Xbox games based on time.

bump for Price drop!

Fantastic price. Don’t even know why it had to drop!

Goodluck with the sale. If this were anywhere near me it would be gone.

sold! please close!