WTS Dreamcast Games (fighters, imports), PSX/DC controllers, etc PRICE DROPS!

…just getting rid of some older stuff. Accepting PayPal only. Each game has case and instructions and pics for everything are linked below.

Games will ship USPS 2-3 Day Flat Rate Priority Mail and will be bubble-wrapped. Shipping across the US is $5.00 for the DC games (and Kamen Rider, Golden Axe). With the exception of Virtua Fighter 3, it’s possible to fit 2 games into one flat rate box if you’d like to save shipping costs.

All games and instructions are in great condition with the exception of a few scratches on DOA2, KOFDM99, MvC2 (light scratches, cracked case), Soul Calibur, SF3 W Impact (light scratches) - no deep scratches on any of these though. Everything else looks real nice.

PM if interested. Thanks!

Dreamcast Games

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure US - Sold

Moero! Justice Gakuen (Rival Schools Project Justice) JP - $22

Marvel vs Capcom 2 JP - Sold

Marvel vs Capcom US - $18

Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram JP - $12

Guilty Gear X JP - $12

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike JP - $18

Street Fighter 3 W Impact (New Generation + Giant Attack) JP - Sold

Street Fighter Alpha 3 US - $15

Capcom vs SNK JP - $12

Dead or Alive 2 US - $8

Blue Stinger JP - $3

Expendable JP - $3

King of Fighters Dream Match 1999 US - $5

King of Fighters '99 Evolution (Sealed) US - Sold

Soul Calibur JP - $5

Virtua Fighter 3TB (w/ Project Berkley Demo (aka Shenmue)) JP - $8


1 PlayStation Analog Controller + 4 Dreamcast Controllers - $15 (+ shipping is $12)
—two official 6-button pads, one 3rd party pad, one Sega original pad (I know from past use that at least 2 of the 6-button pads have a problem with either a direction or a button, none have been tested in a while but thought someone may be able to use these for parts)

Mega CD

Kamen Rider Zo SEGA CD (Mega CD) JP - $8 pic1pic2


Golden Axe: The Duel (Saturn) JP - $8 pic1pic2

PM sent for:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure US - $20


PM sent for:

King of Fighters '99 Evolution (Sealed) US - $10

Shipping them together is fine w/ me :slight_smile:


PMs sent back.

eperelez, I just wanted to make sure which KOF you wanted since it was written a little different in your pm. Don’t want to send ya the wrong game. :sweat:

Thanks for checking! Payment sent! Thank you!

JoJo’s and KOF Evolution sold. eperelez, your items made it to the post office yesterday morning. Thanks again! :tup:

Thanks for the update & good luck with your sales!

Bump for Price Drops!

Please PM if interested. I’ll be happy to ship Medium Box Flat Rate as well if you get more than 5 games to save shipping costs. Everything will be bubble-wrapped. Thanks!

Those JP DC games have the best fucking box art. Damn, US gets shafted a lot.

Passing this along to a friend who might be interested in a couple of them. Are DC games region free (and just labeled as the country they’re packaged for)?

Sorry about that; for some reason I really thought I responded. The DC games are not region free, but most (if not all) will load with a boot disc (though most work with whatever version boot disc, some may need a different version).

Bump before I put them on ebay on Sunday. Feel free to make me some offers especially if getting more than 2 or 3 games. Thanks.

for some reason my PM’s are not working. i was trying to let you know that i am interested in the following
Marvel vs Capcom 2 JP - $12
Street Fighter 3 W Impact (New Generation + Giant Attack) JP - $15

can we work out a deal?

Hey plik - PM sent back. Let me know if you didn’t get it. Thanks!

Plik did you get my PM? I know you said you’ve been having some problems with yours.

just replied. thanks for reminding me.

payment sent for MvC2!

also, sent you another PM about Street Fighter 3 W Impact (New Generation + Giant Attack) JP - $15.

free bump!
games arrived today, buy this guys stuff! he is good to deal with.

BUMP! Thanks plik; great doing business with you.

Still haven’t put this stuff on eBay (been a bit busy)…make me some offers! I should be willing to work on most if people are really interested. Thanks!