WTS: Dreamcast Games, Radeon HD2600XT

ATi Radeon HD 2600XT PCI-Express DirectX 10 Video Card with HDMI-Output - $50 Shipped

Video Card is used, never overclocked. Works perfectly, no artifacting.

The House of the Dead 2 - $10 shipped (sold)
NFL 2k2 - $8 shipped
NFL 2k - $8 shipped
Jet Grind Radio - $15 shipped
Slave Zero - $10 shipped
Crazy Taxi 2 - $10 shipped
Resident Evil: Code Veronica - $12 shipped (no book or label)
Maken X - $8 shipped
Phantasy Star Online - $15 shipped
Soul Calibur - $15 shipped
Sonic Adventure - $10 shipped (sold)
Sonic Adventure 2 - $10 shipped

The whole lot for $65 shipped.

All games are complete case and book unless otherwise noted.

All discs show no signs of major scratches or imperfections.

I have not tested every game but if there is a problem with it I will provide a refund.

I will combine shipping if you purchase 2 or more games.

I am interested in trades, xbox 360 games and arcade stick parts in particular.

Please feel free to PM me with any inquiries. Thanks.

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Is it US JGR?

all games are US versions, if that was the question

What 360 games and kind of arcade stick parts are you looking for?

as far as arcade stick parts, happ competition stick/buttons or a sanwa jlf. and 360 games im looking for Eternal Sonata, GTA4, or Blue Dragon.

bump, added video card

WARNING! Stay away from this guy!

Still haven’t gotten my games, he has not responded to any PM’s in a while. What a piece of shit :tdown:

4Play, that would teach you to buy from a member with no reputation here.

08? gtfo

i like how you dont even wait until the situation is resolved before you start trying to tarnish my reputation. instead you act like a child and post in my thread calling me names. please stay out of any and all of my threads in the future.

ahh a scam artist?

i could sworn he was good…

he is a good seller. don’t be afraid to buy he will get you your shit.

I waited a whole week and not a single peep from ya. No Pm, nothing. If any complication came up you should of let me know about. Instead I got nothing. Go fuck yourself

Hmm, I did sell an item to 4Play and it was a very good transaction, so on this one I’m leaning towards 4Play more. How’s the PSX?

Anyways just wait a little longer and I’m sure everything will resolve itself, since he does have good statements about him from respected members. (James)