WTS: Dreamcast + Lots of Fighting Games + Extras (UK seller) on E-BAY

Hi guys, finaly forced to sell my beloved Dreamcast…

Dreamcast console including: VS Cable (very rare) for console to console LAN play (for Virtua On & F355 etc), Lightgun, Nexus 1MB PC Link VMS (for downloading savestates and unlcoks from the internet) also stock VMS, Controler, all wires, power, Scart, S-Video etc…Padded Carry Case with movable velcro partitions. Around 10 Games (fighting Games Special!!)

Essential collection for all Fighting Game enthusiasts!!
SF3 3rd Strike
Marvel vs Capcom 2
SF Alpha 3
Jojos Bizarre Adventure and more…
(PM me for other titles)

Some of the games have cracked case hinges (cases are faily easily swapped & replaced, there are many cheap DC games for sale under 1), but all discs are in excellent condition with manuals.

*See my other listings for 2 Race Controllers (steering wheels) and a strategy Guide for SF3 3rd Strike…

Please note this is a UK sale. I would accept pick up if you want to come get it also.


Would you be willing to sell the DC VS link cable separate? also, I wasn’t sure if you would do shipping to the United States?

I imagine i will get asked that alot, those cables very rare. But i really need to shift the whole lot, and without it, my chances are much slimmer. Im sorry m8, I cant break up the package. Thanks alot for your interest tho.
I’ll do shipping anywwhere, as long as people are willing to pay for it…

BTW truckasaurus rocks!!

I now have some Gamest Mooks and Game Guide books for SF3:3S, VF1, SNK Art etc up here:

and also a PS2 Bundle featuring Anniversary Edition:

Right on, I’ll be watching these items on the flEaBay

I <3 Crayfish


Cool stuff Cray, I would mention if its NTSC or PAL edition etc for our US buyers, Its not listed if its Composite, or SCART, etc. Very nice collection.

Thanks, its UK Pal. With Normal, Scart or S-Video connection. :slight_smile:

I have a PS2 bundle up as well with HSF & R-Type Final: