WTS: Dreamcast + Mvc2 bundle

I am selling a rarely used dreamcast w/ an original copy of mvc2, orig soul calibur, browser disk, ps2/saturn-to-dc converter, vga adapter, 1 controller, 1 sega saturn controller, 1 vmu, plus all cables… i also have the box if you want. The system and all components are very clean, dreamcast saw very little use and has not been used in years (system stored away in box), also no scratches on the disks, also im not sure if the converter has lag but it converts ps2 and saturn controllers fine.






I also have a sega saturn 3d control pad never used -$20 shipped still available


Are you willing to sell your converter alone?

are you selling the converter.

$35 for the converter! (That’s the Dream Connection II by Innovation right?)

Yup that’s the one. Those converters are hard to come by.

sorry, w/ bundle only

What Month was this dreamcast Manufactured? Look on the bottom on the dc and it will say.

it says april 2000 wk on it

PM sent

still for sale?

Jesus, the MvC2 is now about the price of the whole bundle. Good deal.

i want that converter =(

Man that is such a good bundle deal… .I’m tempted to buy it… but my parents would be pissed if I had 2 DC’s =(

I really just want the MvC2 and Converter…

He probably sold it already, I offered to pay for the bundle.

I wanted the converter as well =/.

excellent deal

Been a day and I don’t think he’s coming back. Maybe somebody beat me and he sold it off to them…

it has been sold already

but i still have the 3d controller knocked $5 off

thanks for looking