WTS: Dreamcast,PSX,Mooks

Trying to save up some money for a candy cab and thought I should start by selling some stuff I don’t need anymore. I hate trying to figure out what games are worth so lets say $20 for a single game and $10 for each additional game. So one costs $20 and if you buy three at once it will only cost $40. The mooks are $25 a piece. I have tried to be as accurate as I could with the descriptions. No comment means the item is in very good condition/minty. some scratches means one or two visible scratches but nothing major. Scratched is in the kind of condition you might find at a used game store or on eBay. All the prices are ballpark really so if you think it is to high pm me and I will see if it makes sense to drop the price. I hate shipping things so if you buy multiple items I will discount accordingly. The price includes shipping in the United States Paypal or cashiers checks only.

========New Stuff==========
Black Zune player $150 shipped (US only)

----------Jap Dreamcast Games-----------
JoJo’s Bizare adventure = On hold
Guilty Gear X (comes with collecters mini disc)
King of Fighters:Dream Match 1999
King of Fighters '99:Evolution = On hold
Marvel VS Capcom 2 = Shipped
Soul Calibur
Capcom VS SNK
Capcom VS SNK 2 (Comes with the Capcom Fan Disc) Some scratches = Shipped
House of The Dead 2
Power Stone
Virtua Fighter 3tb
Marvel VS Capcom (some scratches)

-----------US Dreamcast Games--------------
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Phantasy Star Online (shrink wraped)
Psychic Force 2012

------------Japanes PSX Games----------------
Street Fighter EX2 Plus = shipped
3D Fighter Maker
Advanced V.G. 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3 (some scratches)

--------------US PSX Games------------------
X-Men:Children of the Atom
Dead Or Alive
Street Fighter EX Plus a (scratched)
Street Fighter EX2 Plus (scratched)
X-Men VS Street Fighter (Scratched)

-----------------xbox 360 ------------------
Dead or Alive joystick = Sold

----------------Japanese PS2-----------------
Guilty Gear XX Slash = $35

-----------------Japanese PSP-----------------
Guilty Gear XX Reloaded

----------------Mooks/Books -------------------

Melty Blood
Rival School
Neo Geo Freak issue #2
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (small tear in bottom right corner) = On Hold
Street Fighter Alpha 3 = On Hold
King of Fighters 98 Graphical Manual
Jump Super Stars


DOA stick on hold

Send me payment information.

I want

Marvel VS Capcom 2
Capcom VS SNK 2 (Comes with the Capcom Fan Disc) Some scratches

Street Fighter EX2 Plus

Pm sent

Price drop on the Mooks:sad:

Payment sent.

PMs sent

Black 30gb Zune player $150 shipped (US only)

I just wanted to say thank you. I got the package today. Wow you pack that stuff solid. Looked like a bomb at first. :rofl:

All the games arrived in mint and perfect shape.

Thank you!!!

List updated and pm’s sent