WTS Dreamcast w/ MvC2, SFIII:3s, DOA2, and other stuff... VGA Box and Manga *pictures

Dreamcast (must be bought as a bundle) $115 shipped SOLD
Sega Dreamcast w/ a/v cables and ac adapter.
3 controllers, 1 vmu unit (memory card), 1 3rd party memory card
games: Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter III: Third Strike
Dead or Alive 2 (missing booklet)
Gauntlet Legends
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
Slave Zero

Multi Purpose VGA Box by:Mayflash - $25 shipped SOLD
Lets you play consoles and dvd’s on a computer monitor

Prince of tennis manga English version (shonen jump) 1-8 ($30 shipped)
Naruto manga English version (shonen jump) 1-4 ($15 shipped)
.hack legend of the twilight English version (tokyopop) 1-3 Complete set ($15 shipped)

I’m at school right now, and all of these things are at home. I should be home this weekend incase anyone needs pictures or anything.

thanks. paypal btw.

I’m interested.

Pics plz.

Wait, are the games originals?

of course… lol

lol another bundle, good deal though.

Multi Purpose VGA Box by:Mayflash - $25 shipped
Lets you play consoles and dvd’s on a computer monitor

i’ll take pm me where and how to send u payment.

Is that VGA box still up for grabs?

just pm’d omegared999. waiting for his reply, so until then, it’s on hold for him.

argg must be bought in bundle =(

pictures are now available of everything but the vga box which i can get in tomorrow.

If the bundle isn’t sold by next friday I’ll take it:woot:

money sent.

pm’d wez to see if he’s still interested in the bundle. If not, next in line is flipkev.