WTS: Drop-In Stick Boxes for Sega Control Panels / Pics Inside - ***SLOTS FULL***

I am now taking orders for the first batch of custom boxes specifically built to fit all Astro City / Blast City / New Net City control panels. See Lizard Lick’s panel as an example below:

This will be a small, 5-order run, shipping in 2-3 weeks. THESE DO NOT COME WITH A CONTROL PANEL.

Overall dimensions are roughly 27 X 8x X 2.5" but because they are hand-made, vary slightly from order to order. Boxes are made from 1/2" Poplar (3/4" thick for the top panel) and are shipped sanded, but unpainted/unstained. I use Poplar to keep weight and price down, and to give people a material that both paints and polys well.

I will add counter-sunk 24mm holes, wireways for the PCB cables, rounded or gem-cut corners, etc, by request and free of charge. These come with a full pre-cut, flush-mounted .093" acrylic bottom and 6 rubber feet with threaded metal inserts with matching screws.

Feel free to check out my outstanding 100% (200+ transactions) feedback on ebay HERE and to review my SRK feedback on my profile page.

$99 shipped within US 48





Order List

  1. Xombie (Gem-Cut) - PAID IN FULL - SHIPPED
    >>> Backside Layout: [WW / 24CS___24CS / WW]

  2. **theBAYsics **(Gem-Cut) - PAID IN FULL - SHIPPED
    >>> Backside Layout: [NTRK / 24CS / 24CS___24CS / 24CS / NTRK]

  3. CMonster1221 (Rounded) - PAID IN FULL - SHIPPED
    >>> Backside Layout: [WW / 24CS___24CS / WW]

  4. protomanSTi (Gem-Cut) - PAID IN FULL - SHIPPED
    >>> Backside Layout: [24CS_NTRK_24CS]

  5. Swamp (Gem-Cut) - PAID IN FULL - 90% Complete
    >>> Backside Layout: ???

24CS = 24mm countersunk hole
NTRK = Neutrik Adapter hole
WW = wire-way

Just wanted to say that this looks great. Very awesome mdsfx.

Goodluck with the sales!

im not sure if i should do this or wait til i see the 1st batch

how much to be shipped to canada.

Im in on the next batch. looking good btw.

good luck with the sale, wish i could be one of the first to try it but the wallet says no :annoy:. very generous price considering the cost of shipping im guessing.

gl with the sale, hopefully we can do business in the future.

added past work for the cautious buyers

will you be able to countersink the 24mm holes so that the buttons are recessed into the case? is there going to be rubber feet on the bottom for holding up the lexan? also, is the control panel going to be flush with the rest of the top panel? looking at the pictures, it doesnt look like it.

Just wanted to chime in. MD is a stand up guy. IMO you can trust him.

yea he is he does mad business on here i just want to see one finished:wink:

That wasnt towards anyone in general. just wanted to speak up on his character.

true i caint wait for these

Subscribed and I’m checking into funds to see if I can work this in…


I’ve been hoping someone would make a box for the Astro/Blast panels forever. Subscribed and waiting for response.

I have responded to all PMs

Slight modification to design. Updated first post. I have many PMs, so if I haven’t responded yet, shoot me another as I may have missed yours.

Cool to see that I’m the first in on this. Once I get it, I’ll post a few picures as I assemble it.

Please do and be honest and critical with your review with pics if possible. It’s hard for people to throw $125 at something they’ve never seen.

I’m going to go pick up some wood in 30 minutes to start building them tomorrow morning. Might do some standard, but nice, budget sticks with the same material.

cool once pics are shown of the product thats actually done you will get alot more business

This is awesome, I’ve been wanting to see something like this done for awhile. Can’t wait to see the first one all done up.