WTS: Drop-In Stick Boxes for Sega Control Panels / Pics Inside - ***SLOTS FULL***


beautiful man. looks amazing!


looks really good


baysics… that stick looks amazing! Props to mdsfx for making such amazing panels.


Looks hot. Im too embarrassed to post mine, which is stained not painted…

Just waiting on the bolts. Are the ones posted earlier sure to fit? My panel from excellent.com their panel came with bolts but the length is too short for the case.


God damn, this shit is awesome. :smiley:


UPDATE: finally got started on my control panel. decided not to go the mamemarquees way and ditch the art altogether. heres a preview of what i was able to get done today.

should be done by next week. hope you guys approve.


Still waiting to see some more finished results guys! Let’s see em!


o shit i forgot lol, mine is actually being wired up this weekend finnaly. Ive had the case stained and assembled since christmas, but since i dont know wiring i had to wait for someone to take on the job. Since im at work these are pics i had saved b4 so they are kind of crappy.





^^ looks awesome

2 of mine:

forgot to snap pics of the guts, but the insides look as good as the outsides. :bgrin:


Sweet the glossy white really makes it plastic and official looking lol. Hopefully have mine back to me from my friend by Monday so i can finally use it, pretty much been looking at it and pushing buttons pretending it was wired up for a month lol


Baysics-- that looks really rad friend!! Like the retro look alot. It makes the whole setup look like one of those budget home systems from back in the day.

Question-- how did you get rid of the middle two buttons between the last picture and the one of just the panel? You must’ve redone the whole thing I’d imagine. Anyway looks slick.

Oh ya. I bought one of mdsfx’ panels awhile back-- popped in a set-up for us early morning types.



thank you sir! you are correct, i have redone that panel 3 times now.


Nice guys! It’s great to see these. I hope you all enjoy them.


is this still going on or what?


You are like a year and a half late.


lol well maybe another production run was gonna start up


I can’ believe this thread was brought back from the dead. I get occasional PMs about this. Sorry guys, but I won’t be making any more of them. I wish I saw more of them finished though… :frowning:


You wouldn’t happen to have any measurements lying around, would you? :slight_smile:

WTB Sega Astro City / Japanese candy cab style arcade stick shell

This is the closest thing to an HSS clone as we can get. I wonder if anyone else would be willing to start this project back up? HHHMMMMMM…


My boxes were 27 X 8x X 2.5". As for the panel cut-out, I used to have a physical template that I would use, but I no longer have it. If you have your own CP though, you could just lay it on top of a blank box, marking the bolt pattern and outline.