WTS: DS Lite and Some Games

I have a black and white ds lite and a few ds games for sale. The ds i kinda modded by taking the top of a white ds and putting it onto my black one and i switched the black thing that you cover the gba slot with for a white one. The screens on the ds are in excellent condition and have had screen protectors on them since the day i bought it. The games i have are

  1. Pokemon Diamond
  2. Kirby Squeak Squad
  3. New Super Mario Bros
  4. Mario Kart DS
  5. Final Fantasy 3
  6. Brain Age 1
  7. Jump Superstars 1

all games come complete with boxes. Asking $150 shipped

I’ll try and get a picture up, but i dont have a camera or anything to upload a picture with so it might be hard but i’ll see what i can do

Do you prefer to sell as a bundle or can individual purchases be made on the games?


ill trade you a psp slim with custom firmware for your package

let me know!

thats if your interested in the trade

krypticmind- im trying to sell it as a bundle right now. if nobody decides to buy the bundle i’ll edit with individual prices and contact you first

althegreat-pmed back

lovepig- sorry im only looking for cash, but thanks for the offer

abomination: pmed you back. let’s finalize this sale :slight_smile:

has this been sold?

let me know!!!

payment sent. please check your paypal. thanks again!

sold please close