WTS: Dual 360/ps3 gamingnow.net simplestick



Some of you may remember this thread but gamingnow.net was going to make a bunch fo sticks for everyone. He made a custom one for me and it’s pretty insane.






I’ve played with it and taken it to local tournaments and it’s pretty awesome. Just recently i changed the top with a black viewlex one (but i still have the sf4 cover) the art is a very high quality gloss style. I have a yellow one as well. Top as you can tell is lexan and very durable but it’s what makes it very light and compact.

All semitsu parts. Guide button is used to switch between ps3 and xbox. Unfortunately with the rules on the site i can’t use my more current account (Foxisquick) to post this so i had to dig out my old SRK account. I’m verified on ebay and i’m verified on paypal. Made purchases from arthong and gamingnow.net so they can vouge for me.

Reason for wanting to get rid of this? Same reason a lot of us are selling, I’m POOR!

price is 225$ or best offer.


Yeah this is me. Yipee.


Sent you a PM to your “foxisquick” account. I hope your interested. Let me know.


answered pms.


I saw this stick this weekend, its in great shape.


bump it.


price change.




Free bump for you. I’m thinking you’re Hato from NoHu, old Clan RooF member here. Nice stick. :wink:


I am :smiley: RooF haha. say hi to masda for me.


Last price change.


subscribed. don’t have the cash today, will see if this is still here in a couple of days.


Wow awesome, it looks really thin too. Nice stick.


I have the same stick, i was lucky to get my hands on one, and it’s a great stick, guys. Super light, very compact, it’s the perfect stick, imho. =)


Wow i love the artwork! any chance i can get a hold of the jpeg of that? :slight_smile:


this sold yet? if not whats current offer?


Sorry it is sold.


This fox is indeed quick. :rofl:

Nice stick.


stick has arrived, unboxing when I get home! :tup: