WTS: Dual-mod custom MK-themed stick by MKPcustoms

Hey, guys! I’m getting back into PC gaming in a big way and won’t really be playing any fighting games any time soon. So, I’m gonna sell my dual-mod custom stick to pay for a new video card! All Sanwa parts. Has a bat top on it now, but i will include the ball top as well. Also includes 15’ USB cable! Asking $250 OBO. PayPal only. Continental U.S shipping only. Thank you





Bump for price drop! $225 shipped!

Nice stick and art work!

Thank you. It’s served me well and was definitely the center of attention at MK fight nights.

I wouldn’t mind picking it up just don’t have the flow atm

Well, if things change, let me know. :slight_smile:

Will do.

Bump for great justice! Price drop! $200 shipped!!

Bumpity Bump Bump! Guys, i’m still selling this fine stick. It has not been used for ~6 months or more, but still in absolutely brand new condition. Price drop: $150 SHIPPED!

so this can be played on 360 and PS3?

p.s. did you make this yourself?

Yep…its dual modded.

That’s correct. I have personally played SSF4 and MK9 on both systems with it.

I’ve had a few sticks from mkpcustoms…good stuff…this is a great deal…had I not just got another souji stick…I’d definitely pick this up…I’m sure someone will pick this up its an awesome deal…

PM sent.

money sent!