WTS: Dual Mod Red SFxT Pro Stick with 2012 Flash1 (Price Drop)


Tried selling this before, but this time I’ll include the new 2012 Flash1 Optical Stick. It is dual modded with Toodles TE Kitty. I did the mod myself, and though it was a total pain in the ass to do, everything is working perfectly.

I really hate to let this thing go, but I honestly have too many sticks, and barely enough time to play. All my sticks are well taken care of, and are in very good condition.

**$210 shipped (continental US only). **

Note: this picture was taken before the Flash 1 was added. Hence the 5volt harness is not visible.


Price dropped from $250 to $225.


Did you ever sell your vewlix cab?


No, I decided to keep it. I’m just trying to unload the sticks that I don’t even use.


Bump: Price dropped again to $210.


Sold. Please close.