WTS: Dual Mod Red SFxT Pro Stick


Also for sale is a HORI Soul Caliber V stick for Xbox360. Barely used it since I received it. I had some plans for it, but I wasn’t very fond of the stick’s slope (or lack thereof). [S]Selling for $85 shipped[/S].(SOLD!!!)

SFxT Stick Red. Dual modded with Toodles TE Kitty. I did the mod myself, and though it was a total pain in the ass to do, everything is working perfectly. Flash1 not included!

**$250 shipped. **

Trades that I’m interested in:
- HRAP 2 SA in good condition
- A30 Headset


i want this so bad…too bad i live in canada…


That Voltech empty sell it’s for sell? :smiley:


Lol. You got some hawk eyes. The blank maple was sold a while back.

Now that you mention it though, I might consider selling my other sticks also. Who knows, I might go crazy enough and sell the Blast City in the near future.


woah woah bro, why u selling everything?


Just the Kraylix for now. I’m gonna put the money towards another project.


lol well if you ever move to seattle and take that with you then sell it, hit me up.


I will be in Seattle in July. Maybe I’ll see if I can stuff it in my carry-on. lol.


I want this but am no where near local


Would you be willing to sell just the cabinet, no tv or stick parts? I live in Killeen and would pick it up if youd part it out.


PM’d you TRiXWoN


Added HORI SCV stick for xbox360. Possibly more to come in the near future.


Price drop on HORI SCV stick.


How much for both cabs? =)


I’m really trying my best to hang on to the Blast City in the meantime. That would just hurt too much… =(

I already feel half empty even putting the Kraylix up for sale.


I’m pretty sure I was the one who pointed Kray to SRK back then when he had his blog & posted on the local Craigslist here in town. Anyway, if that Hori SCV stick was for PS3 then I’d seriously consider it. GLWS!


how much to have it shipped to sweden? want to get my first stick but my poor student wallet wont support a new stick atm;p


Sorry man. I only intend to ship to the US. I haven’t had a good experience with shipping things internationally.


Ah, cool seeing a fellow Sugar Land-er here! Err, I guess I’m in Houston proper now, but Sugar Land is still home for me. The kraylix looks amazing, wish I could buy it. Just moved back to Texas and living in an apt till the house cells in the old state. Good thing I’m on the 3rd floor, otherwise I might have seriously considered buying it, ha. Good luck with selling it!


I can help you move it to the 3rd floor! lol. Anyways, let me know if you change your mind.