WTS: Dual Modded BlazBlue TE Stick & "SOUL" bezel. WTB: Gaming Desktop/Computer


Hello everyone, looking to clear out some stuff. My prices are somewhat firm but can be negotiable. Also, I’m only looking to ship in the continental US (48 STATES). PAYPAL. So here’s what I got… hit me up with a PM if you’re interested.

  1. First up, I have a dual modded BlazBlue TE stick (white). It doesn’t come with it’s original artwork but I do have it’s original box. The TE stick has six (6) clear/transparent sanwas with two (2) smoke sanwas at the end and a black bezel. Also installed to the arcade stick is “The Link” quick shaft. I’m looking to trade my dual modded TE for a PS3 stick and some cash or I can do $200 shipped for the TE stick. Ideally, I’d like to trade this stick for a Femme Fatale TE (PS3 or 360) and I’d add some cash my way.

  2. Next up, I have a “SOUL” Bezel from the Madcatz SoulCalibur V Arcade FightStick SOUL Edition Stick. I bought it off someone on SRK and thought I was gonna use it but now it’s collecting dust. Maybe someone else could put a better use to it. Looking for $16 shipped.

B15 Rufus Dual Modded/LED Stick - SOLD TO Piglizard9
MVC2 TE Stick (XBOX360) - SOLD TO bumburglar
(2) red sanwas, (1) white ball top, (2) black shaft covers with (2) black dustcovers - SOLD TO kozimor
Street Fighter Round 2 TE Stick (XBOX360) - SOLD TO rathanav

Looking for a gaming computer cause my desktop is a bit outdated. Lemme know if we can trade/work out something.


Dropped a few of the prices of my items. PM me if you’re interested in any of the items above.


I know you said you only would like to ship within the US, but I wouldnt mind paying $120 for the MVC2 TE Stick shipped to Sweden.

Could also pay $120 for the SF4 shipped to Sweden if you replace the current stick with the red parts (red sanwa ball top, red shaft cover, and red dustwasher).

Would pay via paypal in advance :slight_smile:

Önskar en fortsatt trevlig dag


Sorry about that man, shipping is a bit too steep for me (around $60). I’d had a couple problems in the past shipping out of country too so that’s why I prefer only shipping within US. Hope you find your TE though.


The B15 Rufus stick has been sold.


Thanks again for the B15 stick. Transaction was straight forward and received the stick very quickly.


how much for the sf4 te stick?


Replied to those who PMed me… as for update…

Rufus stick sold, I’m looking for a VLX DIAMOND and UMVC3 FOR PS3. Looking to get a copy of UMVC3 cheap. Lemme know if you have one available.


Updated, dropped the prices on the MVC2 and R2 TE stick. Looking to sell some of my extra sticks to others who’ll put it to good use.


MVC2 TE stick has been sold… looking to sell the R2 TE STICK and some leftover parts!


RED sanwa buttons+a few arcade parts pending payment. I’ll probably add some more items soon (video games, etc).

R2 TE stick still available. I wouldn’t mind opening it up to trades as well. If you’re interested, just let me know what you have available.


Just bought the MvC2 stick. I got pictures of every detail of the stick as well as a picture of the shipping receipt. Stick shipped fast and was in original box with all original accessories when it arrived. It was in great condition and played perfectly. Huge thank you for good business.


Updated, changed a couple prices and the R2 TE still available. Looking to buy some Dre Headphones. Let me know what you got.


I have a boxed beats tour for sale


How much for the R2 TE stick now?


If the R2 TE is still available I would like to purchase today if able. I’m in Danville,VA. Let me know something. Thanks.


Thanks for the interest guys but the R2 TE was sold last night.




Added a BlazBlue dual modded stick.


I sent you a pm. You no respond. :frowning: