WTS Dual modded Chun TE/360 pcbs


The 2 Remora boards are new and unused $30 shipped each or $55 for both
i have a pre wired vs stick pcb hooked up too a chimp board 50 shipped
pad hacked 360 pcb $30 shipped
2 madcats te pcbs $30 for both

Joystick no inputs, trying to fix, any suggestions

new items


new items


how would I install a pad hacked 360 pcb into my ps3 te-s? Interested.


you could either by a chimp smd and wire the ps3 pcb and the 360 pad to it or you can get a multi console cthulu and a imp v2 and wire everything but i would just be easier to go with the chimp smd


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messaged you about the chun li stick


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