WTS: Dual Modded Hori HRAP V3 SA Silent Sanwa


sad to see my fav stick go but i need cash so I’m letting this birdy fly. Selling a HRAP V3 SA dual modded with imp V2 and a WWE Brawlpad. it also has the new **SILENT SANWA Buttons. **All 8 buttons have been fully tested for about an hour to confirm that they all work.I also installed different rubber feet for better stability.I know the artwork is beat up but i feel that having the stick modded with the new silent buttons make up for it. asking for $200.00 SHIPPED!!!

20120822_201240 by medinae88, on Flickr
20120822_200659 by medinae88, on Flickr
20120822_201410 by medinae88, on Flickr


where did u get the silent sanwa buttons from?


Local shop in NY


im looking for some myself… and i cant seem to find them online…




thanks james,


Sold to Roy0 please close