Wts dual modded korean stick ($170 shipped obo) and minty MVC2 TE for ps3($125 shipped obo)

<p>looking to sell my dual mod korean stick…has crown cwj 303n stick…sanwa buttons and ps360+ pcb…case is made of claro walnut by magocyber…looking for 180 shipped in conus only…please no lowballing…will post pics later tonight…</p><p> </p><p>also have a minty great condition mcv2 TE for ps3 125 shipped obo</p>

dang you slay…the pics dont work haha

nevermind saw it, its fucking sick

Would also consider a trade for vs stick for Xbox…

Bump…price drop to 170 shipped obo…

Bump…165 shipped? C’mon peeps…make me an offer

for some reason I can’t see the stick in the pictures any chance you have another link?

Click on the 1st link. It’ll be the 2 left most pics. Click on one or both of them to see a bigger version.

That art sure does look nice :slight_smile:

Bump…$155.00 shipped…

And traded…please close thread por favor

updated first post with new stick…

<p>http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8241/8494149278_61aa2e5b4a_z.jpg<br>Untitled by hollowcruz13, on Flickr</p><p> </p><p>and her is a pic…will have to take more pics later…and I am willing to go lower…but for now bump $170.00 shipped OBO…</p>

also added MVC2 TE for ps3 (125 shipped obo)

Pics arent working. Interested in the korean stick

<p>just click on the first link and its the first pic on the right,</p><p> </p><p>mago fucking killed it with the case its awesome</p>

need help with the pictures?<br><b><br>http://imgur.com/a/7YTRc#0</b><br><br><br><br>

i really didnt want to put up my magocyber custom…but my gf got in a car accident and needs help with deductible…sadface

Nice case! Too bad its a korean stick, which I’m sure is great, just too used to sanwa. Good luck!<br>

anyone? I’m feelin a lil generous…so if someone made a reasonble offer…it just might work…