WTS: Dual-Modded MadCatz SF4 SE Stick


Hey Guys,

Here are the details:
MadCatz SE Stick
Dual Modded for 360 + PS3 (Switch on Top)
Sanwa JLF Joystick
Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons (Only 6, Not All 8)
Used for ~2/3 Weeks ?

The reason I am selling it is because I no longer own a 360 and haven’t owned one since March. I modded this stick with the original intention of using it when I made the switch to PS3, but was able to find a PS3 TE Stick and never used it. The wear on the buttons/stick is minimal.

I’m looking to sell it for $150+Shipping with an option for SoCal pick-up. I will say that I have no idea what this is worth and if the price seems steep just post a offer of some kind and I will consider it. I’m not really looking to rip-off anybody just trying to get fair value on it.


Pics please i may be interested.
Also would like to know price with stock parts assuming you have them or all the sanwa stuff taken out as i have the parts just want everything else


For a dual mod, full Sanwa set-up, I’d say your price is decent, I’ve seen them going for around that or more.
However, if you’re taking offers, I have one government dollar and a shiny new nickel I can part with. :razzy:


pm sent


Is this still for sale?


Stick has been sold to jkang88. Mods please close the thread.