WTS: Dual-Modded Madcatz TE Pro Stick


Because I am getting a new stick made by Sam from B15SDM Designs, I will be selling my two sticks to offset the cost a bit.


SFxT Madcatz TE Stick Pro Limited Edition.

It has been modded by DaRabidDuckie for the PS3, XBOX 360 & PC. It also has auto-detection on the stick. It has a Seimitsu LS-58-01 joystick with an octagonal gate with Seimitsu PS-15 ash buttons. I haven’t used the stick very often and it’s in great condition. In addition, I have taken out the artwork and replaced with with a Golgo 13 design. However, you can take out the art or plexiglass if you wish; giving you more options to put your artwork/plexiglass on it. There is a full bottom plexiglass on the stick and bottom full Golgo 13 artwork as well. The bottom plexiglass has endured a small crack but nothing to distract from the gameplay.

Asking $175. Shipping for another $20 for UPS Ground shipping.




SFxT stick on hold for Xeleion.


Free Shipping on the Black TE stick.


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea I got your message.




Price drop on the TE stick to $125.


pm’ed you a question




Replied to your reply.


Golgo 13 Stick (Black TE Stick) has been sold!


Anyone still interested? Price Drop to $175.


Bump. Still searching for a buyer…