WTS: Dual Modded MVC TE, Ascii Optical JLF WTB: Mushihimesama, Espgaluda II

For Sale

Brand new MVC TE dual modded with ChImp board with PS3/360 support. Just plug the cable in and it will automatically switch over to the correct system without flipping switches or holding buttons. $210 Shipped, $190 picked up. Want the ascii optical in it? I’ll include it and install it in the stick for an extra $110.


Selling JLF with Ascii optical base and pcb, comes with square gate and ascii octagon gate, shaft cover kit, white balltop. Pics up this weekend. $135 shipped OBO.


Want to Buy
EMS Total Control Plus PS2->DC converter
6x White Pearl Buttons
Mushihimesama Futari
Espgaluda II

Post or PM.

Changed pricing structure and added possible trades.



Sent a PM.

I Might Pickup that Marvel TE. Ill Let you know.

Let me know. I’ll deliver it if you’re within 20 minutes or we can meet half way. I’m available tomorrow.

Marvel sold!

Ascii sold!

Bump for Cool Guy, Bought the Marvel stick off him, these dual modded TE’s are dope! get one!

Sent you a PM

Updated with new items.

pmed for BlazBlue PS3 Limited Edition Extras $12 shipped

payment sent.

And it’s in the mail, meus. Post office says 5-10 days.


Price drop on the TEs.


Price drop on kofxii

SE case sold.