WTS Dual modded PS3 TE with seimitsu

Like the title says. I have a ps3 dual modded ( thanks to Gummowned ) Tournament edition fightstick. The other mods include all black seimitsu buttons, black mesh balltop, custom plexi with ps3 laser etched symbols , lizardlick dust plate laser etched, and this works on both the ps3 and the xbox 360.

I still have the original box with original art, buttons, and balltop to send with the stick. I also have extra balltops and plenty of buttons for the buyer. There are at least 2-3 sets of buttons extra along with 3 balltops. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this stick and looks perfect. I have used it for MvC3 and thats about it for maybe 20 hours. I can’t warrant it sitting around and not using it. Well hopefully someone will buy :D. If you would like to know anything else just let me know.

Shipping: I would prefer a pickup of course but if you want to pay the shipping thats peachy also. The price for shipping will also be determined by what kind of shipping you the buyer wants. I have shipped plenty of things and I will be shipping in a box with bubble wrap and the such ( nice and safe).

EDIT PRICE::::::: I would like 200 for everything but we will see how things go. THE PRICE IS OBO!!!

u didnt post a price

Sorry its late.

Bump for a decent stick?

Does the $200 include the paw?

Sorry for that stupid joke. Just count it as a free bump. It really is a beautiful stick, though. Makes me wonder what stick(s) you’re holding onto instead…

Bump the price down? 175$