WTS: Dual modded Round 2 TE NEW, dual modded SE, and VSHG sticks


Dual modded SE stick with chImp, works on the 360 and ps3. There is no JLF and the buttons are stock. 110 shipped.



VSHG S revision with plexi glass bottom, 160 shipped.



Dual modded brand new TE Round 2 stick with ChImp, $250 + shipping



Pretty much new Arcade in a Box ps3 with Sanwa parts, SOLD

Dual modded brand new TE stick, SOLD

My Ebay feedback http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=virtuoso88&ftab=AllFeedback&items=25


Added items and lowered prices!


Any chance you’re willing to trade a SF4 SE stick to lower the prices?


Depends how much lower and what you wanted, but probably not shipping the SE will eat up most of your savings I imagine.


Interested in your dual-modded SE stick. How much does shipping cost for sending those?


Never shipped one, I’m thinking it’ll be like 10-15? With the box? But since you already have all that crap, maybe a little less than 10 for just the case and pcb.


Can you PM me your AIM so we can work something out?




PM’d to be next in line!


Added requested pics for TE stick and AIAB insides.


Do you still have the metal base for the VSHG?

nice dual mods btw.


Was the TE the stick you mentioned in the PM? If so, how did you figure out where the issue lied?


No metal base on the VSHG.

sleepyg, the stick I was talking about was not in the PM but another SE stick that I didn’t post.


Dunno if someone is interested in the TE as of right now, but what is the original pcb for and what is included in the dual mod?

Very interested if no one is in line as of right now.


No one has claim on the TE stick yet in talks with one though. It’s originally a 360 TE stick, they’re all dual modded with chImps, so autodetecting ps3 and 360. Also updated with ebay feedback.


Lowered price on VSHG and sold TE stick


Sold AIAB, dual modded SE stick back up for sale


Added Round 2 dual modded TE stick


Pic of the round 2 TE please…
interested in a trade?


Updated with pics